3 Little-Known Facts About Peaky Blinders, the Legendary Series

Some series have left their mark on the history of pop culture. However, the production of a gem is based on a fragile balance that is often unknown to the general public. From casting to script choices, including enmities or moments of grace, the destiny of a creation sometimes reveals real surprises. Here are 3 filming secrets on Peaky Blinders by Steven Knight.

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Peaky Blinders is heavily inspired by true history

It is not always easy to separate fact from fiction in the series. For example, the political impact of the Shelby clan is greatly exaggerated, or even invented by the writers. We do know, however, that a gang called the Peaky Blinders did indeed exist in Birmingham, as confirmed by Screening.

The latter was born in the slums of England in the midst of the industrial revolution. Little by little, this gang became very influential and it took over its Italo-British rivals the Sabini. Their rivalry is also shown in season 2 of the series.

Cillian Murphy Has a Big Problem With His Haircut

Cillian Murphy’s looks (and charisma) have made his character Thomas Shelby an icon among fans. But the Irish actor actually hates the haircut he sports throughout all five seasons.

Our colleagues from Metro report that the star never understood the public’s fascination with the latter and he provides an unglamorous detail. Indeed, if the British working classes often sported this cut, it was to better fight against the lice that were wreaking havoc at the time. We are therefore quite far from the swag sought by some people in the 2020s.

Cillian Murphy was keen to make this production British

Cillian Murphy explained to the Birmingham Mail that he would certainly not have participated in the series if it were an American production. This is above all a practical aspect: “There, you have to commit to at least 12 episodes a year. You don’t have time to do anything else. (…), I couldn’t do that”.

That’s all for today. Are you one of the die-hard fans of this series? Feel free to remind us of your memories in the comments. If you liked the article, you can always find one of the previous parts of this section here.

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