Resident Evil Village looks almost nothing like a Resident Evil game. Ethan Winters fights against werewolves and vampires instead of the usual zombies. But as you go deeper into the game, more links to the rest of the Resident Evil series become clear.

With this in mind, there are a few bits of lore you should remember before going into Resident Evil Village. This will try not to give anything away but instead remind you of important things you’ll be glad you remembered during the campaign. Resident Evil Village is a great and scary survival horror game, even if you don’t care about the story.

Chris Redfield

Chris Redfield has probably been in the most games in the series. He is one of the two characters you can play in the first game. Then he is a playable character in Code Veronica and the main character in Resident Evil 5. He is also one of Resident Evil 6’s main characters.

At the finish of Resident Evil 7, he will save Ethan Winters’ life on a mission for Blue Umbrella, a company that grew out of the ruins of Umbrella. But he doesn’t want to collaborate with them, and at the start of Resident Evil 7, it looks like he’s not working with the BSAA.


The main bad guy in Resident Evil 7 is Eveline. The biological weapon is what took over the Baker family and brought Ethan to the Baker estate. She was made in a lab to be a weapon, but this isn’t the first time a little girl has been used as a creepy part of the show.

She was also made to look like a little girl on purpose so she could sneak into battlefields better. When a hurricane hits a ship headed for South America, it sinks. This is how Resident Evil 7 starts.


Throughout most of Resident Evil 7, the Baker family is the main group of bad guys. Ethan kills everyone but Lucas, who Chris kills in a DLC. At the end of the seventh game, you discover that the family comprises normal people infected by the Mold and under Eveline’s control. Eveline liked this family because she wanted to be a part of one.


The Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance is what the BSAA is short for. After what happened in Raccoon City and the end of Umbrella, they came to be. As bioterrorism spread around the world, the organization became more important.

The BSAA does its best to stop these attacks and the trade of bioweapons on the black market. Chris Redfield works for them as of Resident Evil 7. He has been a part of them since Resident Evil 5. Wesker almost killed Jill Valentine, who also worked for them.

Mold Is Now the T-Virus

Viruses are a big part of the story in the older Resident Evil games. The T-Virus caused the zombie outbreak in Raccoon City. As of Resident Evil 7, all these bad things are now caused by a mysterious substance called the Mold. It’s what Eveline uses to take control of people and make them sick. But nobody knows anything about where it came from.

The Connections

The Connection is a group of criminals who are in charge of Eveline. They deal with the research into biological weapons on the black market. They want to make weapons and sell them. Because of this, they are even riskier than umbrellas. Even though Umbrella was bad, at least nothing bad ever happened in Raccoon City. The Connections like chaos and attacks with biological weapons, so they are not only bad but also a mess.

Umbrella Corporation

Until Resident Evil Code: Veronica, the Umbrella corporation was the main bad guy in the series. After that, they were less important to the series, but it is still interesting to know that they were the ones who first made the T-Virus. Any Resident Evil fan would immediately recognize the logo, no matter where it was. Even though the company isn’t a big part of Resident Evil: Village, you should still learn how it brands itself. It could be useful.

Mia Winters

In Resident Evil 7, Ethan Winters goes to a mysterious farmhouse to look for his wife, who has gone missing. At first glance, Mia Winters seems to be an innocent bystander caught in the crossfire between the Bakers and the Mold. However, she has something to do with all of this. Mia worked for the Connections, the group mentioned above that made Eveline. Even though she helped make Eveline, Mia is often portrayed as a good person.

Ozwell Spencer founded Umbrella.

Ozwell Spencer doesn’t show up on screen very often in the series. In the end, he shows up in a flashback in Resident Evil 5, but Albert Wesker kills him. But he is a name that all fans of Resident Evil should know. He started the company Umbrella, which made the T-Virus in the end. Taking this into account, he is the cause of most of the trouble in the series. Because of Umbrella’s research, he still affects the world even after he has died.

Ethan Winters gets a real beat down in Resident Evil 7.

In Resident Evil 7, Ethan Winters’s journey to save Mia is a living hell. He loses his hand early in the story, but it’s not hard to get it back. He can also lose his whole foot, but with a little help from a healing item, he can fix it up. Is this all there is to technology in the world of Resident Evil, or is there more going on?



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