Like any good Resident Evil game, Village is full of secrets and hidden areas that will reward players who look for them. Some are easy to figure out, but others will take time and backtracking.

Exploring more can help you in many ways, especially on the harder difficulty levels. You might find hidden arms and upgrades or rare and valuable treasures. We advise that players look into as much as possible, but we’re here to shed some light on the darkest parts of Resident Evil Village.

Mold Cave

After getting the crank from Moreau, get on the boat just below the bridge in front of the ceremony site. Then, head downstream. This will transport Ethan to a little dock where he can locate phantom fish, which can be used to construct uncommon recipes.

He will also find a cave full of black Mold here. A member of Chris Redfield’s team seems to have been in the cave, and a laptop left behind shows that the Mold is almost the same as the one in Resident Evil 7. There are other valuable items here and an old coin that is another reference to the last RE game.

Heisenberg’s Quarters

When Ethan goes into Heisenberg’s Factory, he will be thrown into a huge network of catacombs that look like steampunk and are full of danger and treasure. Heisenberg’s Quarters, which you can get into after making Heisenberg’s Key in the Foundry, is one of the area’s most valuable items.

Turn right and go up the stairs when you are facing the forge. From there, Ethan will see the locked door to Heisenberg’s cabins, which he had already passed by. He will find part of Heisenberg’s Hammer in it. The other portion is hidden behind a wall that can be blown up, close to the generator used to get power back on.

The Beneviento Grave

In Resident Evil Village, this is the grave of Beneviento. Before meeting Donna Beneviento in the house on the cliff’s edge, Ethan has to walk along a creepy path that ends at a large, obvious grave. At first, you can’t do anything with it, but after you beat Donna, you can go back to the Village and find that a small mausoleum has opened up near the Maiden of War statue.

Inside, Ethan can find a piece of a grave that has been broken. He can then return this to the grave of Beneviento, which we already talked about. But this will make more enemies appear, including another giant, so it’s best to be ready before going in.

Well beyond the craftsman’s hut.

Players may remember that in the same area at the foundation of Castle Dimitrescu, they couldn’t figure out what was behind the Craftsman’s Hut’s well. Ethan can now use the Well Wheel in the village hut with the red chimney. It used to be locked behind the Iron Insignia gate, which you must pass through to reach the red chimney hut.

A ladder can be lifted with it. Inside the well, players will find a simple puzzle that, once solved, will let them get to a small treasure that most won’t want to miss.

Cannibal’s Plunder

After making the six-wing unborn key, go up to the Lycan stronghold and turn left before going up that scary-looking staircase. Ethan comes across a big barn on top of a creek. Inside, he will meet a giant who is holding a big axe.

He’s hard to kill because he’s strong and can call on Samcas. Using mines and flashbangs to throw him off can be helpful in this situation. After you beat him, you can get the rewards by breaking the three locks on the red door on either room’s other side from where Ethan came in.

Luthier’s House

After Ethan returns from Castle Dimitrescu, he has to find the house with the red chimney. Nearby, players may find the locked home of the musician Luthier. After beating Donna Benievento, the 2nd Lord of the Village, you can get the key.

It’s in the Farmer’s House, which players almost have to go into on their way back from the clifftop manor. Once you find the key, go back to Luthier’s house and use it. Pay close attention to a child’s drawing that stands out. It has the code to unleash a valuable treasure and a sniper rifle upgrade.

The Foundry’s Secret

Heisenberg’s Factory is full of secrets, but some of them require players to use their brains. Just a few rooms past the generator, one of Heisenberg’s monsters with drill hands will pop out of a shipping crate and scare the fans in the Foundry.

Instead of killing him, players must lead him down the stairs and into the nearby room, where he will attack the metal sheet blocking the way to the other end of the area. Once this is done, the player can kill the monster and get some very valuable loot from late in the game.

Castle Dimitrescu Dungeon Secret

After finding the key to the Iron Insignia in Castle Dimitrescu, he returns to the dungeon where Ethan ran when he met one of Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters. After fighting some Moroaicas, this player will find an Iron Insignia-marked door that hasn’t been opened.

Behind it is also the treasure that the strange map from the loft was trying to lead them to. Once you’re inside, kill some more enemies and blow a hole in a nearby wall to solve a puzzle about how to light a torch. A nearby grave will open to show the Azure Eye when this is done. This item can be worth much more when used with the Silver Ring.

Riverbank’s Treasure House

After putting all the Rose flasks on the altar and getting the Giant’s Chalice, Ethan can return to the ritual site and get into Heisenberg’s Factory. But before you cross the bridge, turn right, use the knob to lower the bridge, jump in the boat, and face upstream to get back to the base of the huge tower at Castle Dimitrescu.

From here, please go into the alcove lit by torches and solve the puzzle by setting a Moroaica on fire and leading it to a torch that isn’t lit. This will open the room door at the end of the chamber, where Ethan will find the valuable statue of the Golden Lady.

Factory Zipline

Turn around and look for a break in the railing around the platform just before you use Heisenberg’s Key to open the door on the elite level of the Factory. Here, drop down onto the large pipe below, turn around, and walk up to find a small stash of riches and ammunition.

From that, Ethan can use a zipline to get to the other room’s other side and eventually get back to the door up above. It’s not a big discovery, but it can help if you’re having trouble beating Sturm’s scary boss.



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