Whether you like Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin for its unique take on the series or its combat, you can’t deny that it has some of the strangest, most ridiculous characters in the long-running franchise’s history. But even though they have strange personalities, they even now manage to win our hearts and end up making us cheer for them.

Characters are an important part of Final Fantasy, and they help the story go to the stars. But in Stranger of Paradise, these characters are so crazy that it makes the game better in every way. And at its core, the game is already pretty fun to play at its core, but something about these actors makes it all shine a little brighter.


Neon is the first person to join the team, so you might expect him to be the reasoned voice that gets the story back on track. Instead, she makes things even more confusing by saying that Chaos isn’t real and is just an idea, which Jack doesn’t like.

Even so, despite their differences, Neon goes on a journey with Jack and the other Warriors of Light to find out the truth about Chaos and promises to stop him if he exists. Neon is also a strong fighter and a good teammate to include in your rotation, making her one of the best characters in the game.


Sophia is another character who joins the Warriors of Light a little later in their journey. When she does, you might briefly think, “Maybe she’ll be the one to give this crazy team some structure.” But, once again, that’s not the case because Sophia has the same burning anger as Jack and wants Chaos killed by any necessary means.

Sophia has only one goal, which is to kill Chaos. She isn’t as blunt, violent, or angry all the time as Jack, but it’s clear she wants to do that. It also helps that Sophia is a great teammate and can beat the snot out of most enemies in battle. Every Warrior of Light is a blessing, and we will always love them.


Ash is the leader of the Soldiers of Light in Stranger of Paradise. At the beginning of the game, he goes with Jack on his quest to find and kill Chaos. When everyone else is saying crazy things, it’s nice to have somebody like Ash who remains quiet and sure of what he wants to do.

This doesn’t mean that Ash doesn’t get angry sometimes, but he finds a good balance and is usually calm and sure of himself as he tries to beat Chaos. He’s also one of the best teammates you can use in the game and a loyal friend to you and the relax of the Warriors of Light.

Captain Bikke

Even though Bikke is a one-time character, he might make a big impression on you with his strange accent and memorable encounter. He also helps you find Chaos by sailing you to another island early in the game. Bikke doesn’t have great dialogue or a sad backstory that will make people cry.

Still, it’s cool to see him as a real boss in Stranger of Paradise, since in the first Final Fantasy, he mostly just called in other enemies to do his bidding. Captain Bikke is one of our favorite characters, and it’s great to see him come to life in this game.


Jed is the perfect opposite of Jack Garland. He is an important part of the game and a member of the Warriors of Light who want to stop Chaos no matter what. Jed is a strange, happy-go-lucky person who always makes jokes and makes the most of his life.

With Jed around, there is never a dull moment, which is a very important trait in an imperfect world. Jed gives us a lot of laughs in Stranger in Paradise, and he does it both in and out of battle. Even though each character has weird traits, Jed feels the most in control and on purpose, making him easily one of the best in your rotation.


Astos, King of the Dark Elves, has been completely redesigned. He is now slim, smart, and beautiful. Astos says he knows where the Warriors of Light can find the crystals they are searching for and points them in the correct direction early on. There are hints that he and the Warriors of Light have met before.

In Stranger in Paradise, the most interesting thing about Astos is how much he shines. In the first Final Fantasy, Astos is a monster elf who doesn’t speak well and doesn’t look very good. But that has altered, and now he is charming and easy to like.

Jack Garland

Jack Garland is so focused on one thing that he might be too focused: he wants to kill Chaos. At first, he seems distant, rude, and hard to get close to, but he opens up a lot as the journey continues. He cares very much about his friends and teammates and will do anything to keep them safe.

Jack’s main character in the story gets most of the attention. His actions and words can be overly angry, violent, heartening, and surprisingly deep. Because of many things, Jack is probably the best personality in the game, and we would prefer it no other way.

Sarah was a princess.

Princess Sarah, a friend of Garland’s and one of the game’s most important NPCs, can often play the lute in Cornelia’s main square. She is kind and caring, believing that Jack and his friends can stop Chaos.

Since Princess Sarah is an important part of the story, we don’t want to give away too much about her because we don’t want to give anything away. Still, Sarah is among the game’s more unique characters, and everyone who plays it will grow to like her.



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