More than eighty different weapons can be made and found in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. There might even be some weapons that haven’t been found yet. So far, gamers have found a few weapons that are either very rare or seem impossible.

Some of the best weapons in Valhalla are these secret weapons. Players can use this guide to find all the rare hidden weapons in the game instead of following the main plot. Here is a list of all the secret weapons found in Valhalla, along with a description of how players can get each one.


In Myrddin’s cave in north Hamtunscire, you can find the most well-known sword of all time. To get the sword out of the rock, people must finish all of the Caverns of Trials. Each trial gives you one of the Treasures (Tablets) of Britain. Players will also need to find three other treasures.

Hrothgar, Heike, and Woden are three zealots who want to eliminate England. With all eleven tablets, players can stroll into the cave and get past the many obstacles to locate the sword. After the jump obstacles, there’ll be a dead end with a pool of water.

Jump into the pool and obey the underwater tunnels to the last set of obstacles. Place all eleven tablet computers in the pillars in the room where Excalibur is kept. This will make the sword rise from the ground. Eivor now owns the legendary sword Excalibur.

  • Type: Two-handled
  • Damage: 130
  • Speed: 42
  • Stun: 138
  • Critical: 88

Norden’s Arc Bow

The mythical bow is on the southern lake part of the country of Brunton Turret, north of Eurvicscire, on the edge of the map. It is the second lake east of Housesteads. A small island is in the lake. The bow is hidden on the island in a rock.

Only at sunset can Excalibur be used to break up the shiny pile of rocks. Players must hit the rock several times when it’s getting close to sunset. There isn’t much time before the pile falls apart. If gamers time it right, they will get the Nordens’ Arc Bow.

  • Type: Bow
  • Damage: 114
  • Speed: 47
  • Stun: 127
  • Critical: 103

Mjolnir is Thor’s hammer.

On the map, Thor’s Hammer is between the Gungnir Spear and the Hordafylke. The hammer can be found in Norway, near the north edge of the map. Eivor must wear all Thor armor set pieces to pick up the sword. You get pieces of Thor’s armor when you beat all of the Daughters of Legion.

Eivor must beat all the Order’s members and deliver the 15 medallions to get the finOdin’sce, the cape. Only then will Eivorspear’s magic hammer work. Given that the hammer comes from a myth, it’s not surprising that it has a lightning effect that sometimes stuns enemies when it hits them.

  • Type: OThor’sd
  • DamageSpeed: 44
  • Stun: 151
  • Critical: 87

Gorgon Shield

Players will have to grind to get the Gorgon Shield for a long time. People will have to find all of the Roman Artifacts in the game to be able to use them. There are 52 artifacts in different places around the world. Even though the goal is a bit easier than the Swordfish below, it will still take too much time.

After a parry, the Gorgon shield has a chance to poison an enemy, which will hurt them slowly over time. It’s hard to say for sure, but poisoning seems to happen anywhere from 20% to 50% of the time after a parry. The Gorgon shield is almost the same as the Blodwulf cover from the campaign, but it has a chance to poison enemies.

Even though the ability is great, it could not be worth all the extra work. Gamers could use their level two highly toxic strike to poison foes with every attack and wear the Blodwulf shield. Even though the Gorgon shield looks cool, it will be hard to find all the artifacts.

Even if players know exactly where every artifact is, it will take them several hours to get there. Completers are encouraged to go out and find all the artifacts, but casual players probably don’t have the time to drive to and from 52 multiple places.

  • Type: Radiation Shield
  • Damage: 88
  • Speed: 54
  • Block: 110
  • Stun: 156
  • Critical: 80


Swordfish The Great Sword is the hardest weapon in the game to get. Players must first build a fishing shack in their settlement. Next, they will have to go fishing a lot. Players must finish all the fishing hut challenges to get the sword in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

The fishing obstacles in Valhalla have a few bugs, but it’s unclear if they’ve been fixed. Using the bow rather than a fishing lure is the best way to catch all fish. The bow with Concentrate of Fournier will be much better if the player hits their shots.

Players must do one more thing when they finish all the challenges. Players will be able to use the powerful Swordfish after hours of fishing. The great sword has a high chance of stunning an enemy when it hits them hard. The Swordfish also sets enemies on fire after they have been killed.

The two-handed Assassin’s is a great weapon, but it looks silly. There are better swords in Valhalla, and gamers can make the fire effect happen again with runes. Unless someone wants to use the sword as a joke, all the time spent fishing won’t be worth it.

  • Type: Two-handled
  • Damage: 144
  • Speed: 46
  • Stun: 150
  • Critical: 110



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