Whether players are waiting for the mysterious Xur to give them exotic items or trying to finish one of the many raids they can do. Destiny 2 is full of things to do and, more importantly, to take. Each player has their favorite way to play, those who play PvE and those who play PvP. There’s a lot of room for players to play how they want, especially with the Hunter, Titan, and Warlock classes.

Titans are known for being big, and the Destiny 2 community often makes fun of them because of their size and desire to punch things. Titans can get some of the best exotic armor in the game through missions and farming. The exotics that Titans can get are nothing to laugh at.

Phoenix Cradle

The Phoenix Cradle is a great exotic piece of leg armor that a team can only use. It works with the Solar subclass to give the Sun Warrior twice as much time. When players on the same team as someone wearing Phoenix Cradle pass through their Sunspots, they get the Sun Warrior ability.

It works best with the Bottom Tree Sunbreaker and is used extensively in both PvE and PvP. If three people use this exotic and only focus on the Sunspot, it can be a deadly weapon against AI enemies and other players in the Crucible.


Every PvP game needs speed to be fun. This is true for Destiny 2 as well. The Dunemarchers help you move, which is very important. The player can sprint faster and build up a static charge with these exotic legs. After a melee attack hits an enemy, the charge damages other nearby enemies.

In PvE, the Dunemarchers do a lot of damage and can chain lightning to kill most ads. Titans feel less slow and clunky than other classes because they can move faster and turn faster. In PvP, these exotic legs are also impressive because the range of the melee effect can hurt players through walls.

Loreley Splendor Helmet

This exotic helmet can make the player almost invincible, but it only works with Sunbreaker. The runes and wings on the Loreley Splendor Helmet look like something the Valkyries from Norse mythology would see. But this helmet will send the player’s enemies to Valhalla, not the person who uses it.

The person who wears this helmet gets a Sunspot that can heal them when they use it. This can be called up when the player is severely hurt and has full class ability energy or when the player casts Barricade. Sunspots give an x2 health regeneration, which is a big boost to the player’s health.


Another chest piece, but this one is best for the Stasis subclass because of how it works. With the help of Hoarfrost-Zs, the player can build a barrier covered by Stasis crystals. When this is made, it slows down nearby targets. Not only that, but when the player and their allies stand behind the wall, their weapons reload faster, are more stable, and have a longer range.

This exotic is great for PvE because it makes the Titan who uses the Hoarfrost-Z feel almost invincible by putting up strong walls that boost stats and don’t look like they can be broken. It is also very useful in PvP, where it can be used as a fortress of ice against other players in the Crucible.

Peregrine Greaves

As long as the player employs a shoulder charge, the Peregrine Greaves work as a powerful leg piece for any subclass as long as the player utilizes a shoulder charge. This power comes from using a shoulder charge in the air, which makes it stronger and does more damage.

Destiny 2 is about moving through the air, especially in the Crucible. Most people will fly over to get to a higher spot, and if the Peregrine Greaves are ready, those who go up will have to come back down. These exotics ensure that a player hit in the air by a melee attack doesn’t get back up.

Hallowfire Heart

The Hallowfire Heart is a rare chest piece for the Solar subclass. It goes best with the Bottom Leaf for the Sunbreaker. It makes it easier for players’ Solar abilities to charge up and makes it easier for their Super to charge up.

Titans love to feel like they can do anything, and the Titan super gives them that feeling. With Immolation and lots of hammers, the player will be unstoppable with a 50% faster rate of ability regeneration and a 250% faster rate when supercharged.


Everyone who has played Destiny 2 knows that Titans love to punch things. Whether it’s friends, enemies, or walls. Titans are the only class that can punch directly with their fists, and they employ it well. With the Synthoceps arm exotics, they aren’t going to stop punching any time soon.

This rare item lets players increase their melee range when they lunge. It also makes melee and Super attacks do more damage when enemies are close by. Guardians may be killed with a single punch from a player when surrounded. It’s a great exotic for those who would rather use their knuckles than guns.

Heart of Innermost Light

Any subclass can wear this great chest piece based on what it can do. Heart of Inmost Illumination looks good and says it will make you stronger. The other two skills are stronger when a player uses a grenade, melee attack, or barricade.

This means that the skills will be able to come back faster and do more damage. Cooldowns are always a pain, especially in PvP when you need to act quickly in the Crucible. Heart of Iniquity Light will shorten the time between a player’s fists and the face of another Guardian.

One-Eye Mask

Most of the time, this helmet is only used for PvP. The One-Eyed Mask not only looks pretty cool, but it also lets players see which enemies have hurt them. This lets them find out who shot at them and makes them pay for it. You can make some great plays when you can kill an enemy and get an over shield.

Even shooting at a fighter wearing a One-Eyed Mask is dangerous because the person who shot them will know where they are. So, they become a target because the Titan wants that overshield to get stronger so it can help them win in the Crucible.

Class of the Falling Star

The name of this unusual chest piece can’t be stressed enough. Players who use the Cuirass of the Falling Star will feel like they are falling stars. Players’ Thundercrash hits do much more damage with this exotic’s ability. They also get an overshield that lasts longer the farther they reach a target.

This chest piece’s damage boost is for the Arc subcategory and can be very useful in PvE. It’s not completely useless in PvP, but when there are a lot of enemies, it stands out. Whether it’s Cabal, Taken, or some other bad guy who wants to get rid of the Light.



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