Destiny 2 is still going strong, and Bungie just finished its annual show, which was timed to happen at the same time as Gamescom Opening Night Live. We finally got more information about the next expansion, Lightfall, and Bungie told us what players can do in the game’s latest season. And, of course, Bungie said that the King’s Fall raid is returning to Destiny 2. You can read about the whole event above, but we’ve compiled a list of the most important news so you can catch up.

Lightfall and Strands

Before talking about what’s coming this season, Bungie showed the first trailer for the next expansion, Lightfall. Joe Blackburn, the creator of Lightfall, said that this is “the beginning of the end,” and the trailer gave us a lot of hints about what we’ll see in the expansion. Point goes to a new subclass called Strand.

It is a darkness subcategory like Stasis, but Bungie says that only Guardians can use it. The new subclass emphasizes the grappling hook, which lets you move quickly through the city on Neptune. Strand is about using the hidden threads that hold the universe together to pull back the curtain on reality. We also learned more about the story.

The new disciple of The Witness is the infamous emperor Calus, and the expansion is centered on Neptune. You’ll find a city where a different race from humans called Cloud Striders has grown up. The expansion comes out on February 28, 2023, and you can already pre-order it. Lightfall will have a Legendary campaign mode for hard-core players, just like The Witch Queen.

Better tools for everyone

In addition to Lightfall, Bungie said it plans to make some changes to the community over the next year. You can praise Guardians for being good players, finding groups for raids or dungeons easy, and earning Guardian Ranks, which let you level up and show that you know Destiny 2 inside and out.

A mod supervisor and loadout builder will also be added. Bungie says that you’ll be able to save just a few different loadouts directly in Destiny 2, so you can easily switch between them when you want to change how you play.

Season of Robbery and the Fall of a King

The showcase marks the start of Period of the Plunder, a pirate-themed season with new weapons, three new activities, and the return of a famous raid from the first Destiny. Aramis breaks out of the Stasis the Guardians put her in at the end of Beyond Light. This is how the new season starts.

Your pirate crew, which Bungie says you’ll be able to build during the season, will begin with The Drifter and Mithras, both returning characters. Hideouts, Expeditions, and Ketchcrash are three new things that players can do. Ketchcrash is a six-player game where people raid pirate ships, go on Expeditions to look for hidden treasure, and take out Eramis’ quarters, where strange artifacts are kept.

Similar to what it accomplished with Vault of Glass last year, Bungie said it would bring back another Destiny raid this year. King’s Fall, one of the first game’s most famous raids, is returning to Destiny 2.

It will go live at 10 a.m. PT on Friday, August 26. During the first 24 hours, Bungie will hold a raid race with the Competition Mode modifier, which caps your power level to make the challenge harder. The first fire team will win the raid race to beat King’s Fall and finish all the challenges in each encounter. Have a good time, Guardians!

Destiny 2 will be on Epic Games Store soon.

Destiny 2 is now available on the Epic Games Store, and to sweeten the deal, Bungie is giving everyone who downloads the game a free copy of its 30th Anniversary content pack. Over the next week, players on any platform can play all of Destiny 2’s expansions for free and get a free gear set called Gift of the Thunder Gods, including Arc gear and the Thunderlord exotic.

The information that Destiny 2 and Fortnite will be able to work together was leaked before the showcase. You may start getting three different Destiny 2 skins for use in Fortnite as of today. Additionally, Destiny 2 has three sets of armor modeled on Fortnite. In addition, on September 17, Fall Guys will be able to purchase a costume set based on the concept of Destiny.

Even better news for long-time Guardians came from Bungie, who announced that there would be no more “sunsetting” in the game. When Beyond the Light was released, a significant portion of Destiny 2’s content was removed; however, Bungie has stated that it has no plans to remove any other expansions from the game in the foreseeable future.



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