As a means of penetrating the mobile battle royale industry, Final Fantasy’s latest installment, The First Soldier, is a significant and landmark contribution to the Final Fantasy franchise. And, to some degree, they have been successful, as this title has a cult following. So many people want to play this as an alternative to the usual Final Fantasy titles, which feature a more role-playing game (RPG) themed narrative.

This Beginner’s guide to Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier will walk players through the fundamentals of the game, including how to get started, what they need to know to advance more quickly, and how they can improve their overall gaming experience.

This game is a one-of-a-kind combination of the fantasy aspects and the standard battle royale elements, which the developers have combined to create a Battle royale that is highly dissimilar to the others.

This is one of the more innovative takes on the mobile battle royale scene that we have seen so far, and it presents us with a one-of-a-kind style and mix of battle choices and battle type selection, both of which you can further investigate and decide upon what kind of gameplay you would prefer to engage in!

Guide to the Best Settings in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier


The graphics on these games are not the best compared to other games in the mobile battle royale industry, yet, they are nice enough to differentiate themselves from the other options. The graphics can be adjusted to a very basic level, and players can select a low, medium, or high frame rate and a low, medium, or high level for the graphics.


The controls feature a large and detailed console that has been customized to this game’s capabilities and includes tap fire, which requires you to double-tap when aligned on the target to fire. This new form of fire, in addition to autofire, requires a little adjusting time, but it may line up well with the active actions necessary for the material abilities and parkour.

You can perform parkour in this game by holding down the jump button after you have already jumped once. This will allow you to scale walls and get higher viewpoints than you were able to access before. In addition, a new function allows you to perform a tactical roll by double-tapping the crouch button. This allows you to roll around and get away from a location. It is particularly helpful in situations where the players must flee from the impacts of material being used in the game.

Controller Settings

In addition, there is support for controllers in this game, and each type of controller has its sensitivity control panel. It is advised that the default sensitivity settings for a phone player be set to a low value. Later, playing the game will allow you to try out several strategies and see which ones work best.

Tips and Tricks for Beginners: Final Fantasy VII: A First Soldier

The following are some helpful pointers that will be of use to you as you begin your journey as a First Soldier in the realm of Final Fantasy VII.

  • One of the first pieces of advice that should be considered is to read all that is included in the Beginner’s guide. This includes reading both the tutorial and the tutorial match.
  • Make it a requirement that every player tests out each technique before deciding to specialize in one of them. Because it is time-consuming to unlock powers for each character, a player must be certain that they want to play in that manner before investing in that path.
  • Movement and positioning are two skills that can give any player a significant advantage in this game. Therefore, they must stay on high ground and constantly move about no matter what they are doing. Do not stand still.

Beginners Guide to Final Fantasy VII: A First Soldier

  • Your level can be increased by defeating monsters when you are not currently involved in a battle against another player. However, they must take care to avoid getting caught in the middle of a battle between a monster and another player, as this will make them obvious prey for any other player in the game. Therefore, you should quickly leave the area if you notice any signs that other players are nearby.
  • Always use automobiles as a means of transportation around the map, as this will be more effective and safer than jogging over open fields.
  • Adjust the graphic settings to medium or even low to have a more fluid gameplay experience, as the game tends to stutter when played at higher resolutions.
  • Once you begin firing, the camera view portion of the game will not move the crosshairs in any direction. Players must only use the able-to-fire buttons, which will start moving the crosshairs in any direction they want once they begin firing, to direct their aim or control the recoil of the guns. Another thing to note is that once you begin firing, the camera view portion of the game will not move the crosshairs in any direction.



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