Resident Evil Village, which came out on May 7, 2021, has a bigger arsenal than most survival horror games. This is mostly because parts of the gameplay are similar to what happened in Resident Evil 4. Most of the weapons you get come from a mysterious merchant named the Duke, who looks much like the Merchant from Resident Evil 4.

This list of the most powerful weapons in Resident Evil Village should help, whether you are playing the game for the first time or want to remember the firepower Ethan Winters has along the way. It mostly sticks to weapons you can get on your first playthrough, but there are a few you can’t get until you beat the game.


  • It can be improved by adding a high-capacity magazine and a recoil compensator.
  • Maximum firepower: 160,
  • ammo capacity: 22.

This starter handgun works well for Ethan Winters on all difficulties below hardcore for a long time. When you start playing in harder modes, it’s pretty bad from the first enemy on. Until it gets some upgrades, it takes a lot of bullets to kill even regular lycan enemies. As with many weapon classes, you’ll want to leave the L.E.M.I. behind once the next gun is available and use the next available pistol.

W870 TAC

  • After leaving House Benevento, they were found in a small house.
  • Maximum firepower: 1280,
  • ammo capacity:12

This is Ethan’s second shotgun, and he can get it after he finishes the House Benevento. It’s in a small house in the neighborhood. It is better than the M1897 in every way. It is stronger and has more uses. In general, shotguns only seem right when the situation calls for them. Nothing is cooler than using a shotgun to kill demons like werewolves and vampires. Everyone knows that a game is only as good as its worst shotgun, and Resident Evil Village’s shotguns feel great.


  • Found by starting the save file in a village workshop behind a red Do Not Enter sign on a gate.
  • Maximum firepower: 195,
  • ammo capacity: 23

You can’t get the second gun until you finish the castle, which is a big part of the game’s marketing. It is a gun that shoots by itself. Even though it doesn’t fire very quickly, it’s a great upgrade and will likely be your go-to sidearm for the rest of the game. With the add-on to stabilize recoil, it’s easier to hit enemies in the head several times in a row when they get close.


  • The Duke in Heisenberg’s Factory sells them.
  • It can be changed by adding a red dot sight, a long barrel, or a drum magazine.
  • Maximum firepower: 1770,
  • ammo capacity: 40

This is the last shotgun you get in the main game, and you don’t get it until you’ve played for a long time. You can buy it from the Duke at Heisenberg’s Factory. This part of the game is big and full of fights, so you’ll be glad to have this shotgun’s extra firepower. Once you beat the game, you can get new attachments that make your gun shoot faster and hold more bullets.

M1851 Wolfsbane

  • Found in Moreau’s lab, which you can get to by turning a crank after you fight him in the reservoir. It can be upgraded with a long barrel and a bigger cylinder.
  • Maximum firepower: 5800,
  • ammo capacity: 7

This magnum will save your life more than once during the first playthrough. After the supervisor fight with Moreau, you can find it. Anyone who has got to play Resident Evil knows that magnum ammo is like gold and that you should save it for the hardest fights. If you use the M1851 Wolfsbane on certain bosses, they will be easy to beat. After you finish the game, you can even make magnum ammunition.


  • We bought 30,000 CP in the extra content shop.
  • A version with unlimited ammunition can be bought for 50,000 CP.

You can only use the Dragoon during a certain part of the first playthrough. If you haven’t finished Resident Evil Village yet, we won’t tell you what the segment is.

You can buy the gun as a bonus after beating the game and use it during all of the main games. It is worth doing because it is powerful and will fire itself. With this gun, it’s much easier to play hardcore than on the first try.


  • When you use the Iron Insignia Key to get into a house in the village north of East Old Town,
  • It has either explosive rounds or flashbangs.

Those who have played other Resident Evil games know how to use grenade launchers. Usually, they are only used in boss battles. In Resident Evil Village, you’ll probably want to do the same thing, but they come in handy when a group of enemies comes up to you.

It comes with two kinds of bullets, and one of them is a flashbang round. These are great for breaking up a group of regular enemies.

Pipe Bombs

  • It is made from two gunpowder, one rusty piece of metal, and one chem fluid.
  • The Duke can also help you find it or sell it.

Pipe bombs might be too strong because they are easy to make and very powerful. Shotguns aren’t as good at clearing out a crowd of enemies as they kill one at a time. If three or more enemies are coming close, roll a Pipe Bomb toward them. Most of the time, it will kill all enemies or at least hurt them a lot. Mines are just as useful as well.


  • Bought after you beat the game; the first time you see the Duke again is when you buy it.
  • Maximum firepower: 4500,
  • ammo capacity: 28

We’ve already talked about how great the Wolfsbane Magnum is. But once you beat the game and can buy the S.T.A.K.E., you won’t need the first magnum anymore. The S.T.A.K.E. is almost twice as powerful as the M1851 at its strongest. The price is the only bad thing about it. Still, you should have enough money to buy it about halfway through a quick second playthrough.


  • Found in Castle Dumitrescu’s attic
  • Maximum firepower: 1500,
  • ammo capacity: 20

During the first playthrough of Resident Evil Village, the F2 may not seem like a good friend, but it will be. The gun can be found in the castle before going onto the rooftops. It is made for shooting from far away.

But you’ll probably have to switch to shots without a scope when your handgun and shotgun ammo runs out. Its base stats are already pretty good, and upgrades only improve them. This is the only rifle in Resident Evil Village, which is different from other types of weapons.



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