Resident Evil Village lives up to the name of the series, even though it is different from the rest of the games. There are a lot of scary monsters on Ethan Winters’ journey, from regular enemies to a few bosses.

Most of the time, they are better than the last few mainline Resident Evil games. Even so, one of them caught on fire on the Internet, but not because it was scary. If any of these designs are too scary, you can play on a lower difficulty so that the fights aren’t too hard.

The Lycans

Instead of zombies, Lycans are used as food. They look like a cross between a werewolf and a person, moving much faster than most of the mold-infected enemies Ethan faced in Resident Evil 7. Resident Evil Village has faster combat in general than its predecessor, and seeing enemies perched on roofs in the village is a striking image.

Salvatore Moreau

Salvatore Moreau is the third of four lords you must fight to get four important items you need to move forward in the game. His normal look is scary enough on its own, so it would have been enough to fight him as a boss. He ends up changing into a huge fish monster for the boss fight. He flounders around, and acid rains down from the sky. When water is involved, scary things are always worse.

Lady Dimitrescu

After the character of Lady Dumitrescu was shown in the trailers, she became a big deal on the Internet. In the game, however, Ethan uses a special knife to stab her, which turns her into a huge beast. She is almost impossible to recognize in this form, but you can still see hints of her more stylish look. It looks good, but the fight with the boss is also fun.


Most of the enemies in Heisenberg’s factory are from this list. They look like something from a scary sci-fi movie in space. As you move through the area, you fight different kinds of them and find notes that explain how Heisenberg made them. When they finally come at you with jetpacks, it’s one of the most intense fights of the whole campaign.


Urias is one of the first people you meet on your adventure. You have no choice but to run away from the first big fight in the village. Urias looks almost as scary as Santa Claus because of his big beard. The big hammer also adds to the look of the room. We don’t know how the jacket still fits him now that he’s grown so much. Maybe it’s the same thing Bruce Banner uses to ensure his pants stay on when he turns into the Hulk.


Ethan is looking for four lords, but Angie is not one of them. She is just a doll that Donna Beneviento moves around. Don’t let this fool you, though, because the thing can still hurt you.

The wedding dress is a nice touch, and Angie is always a mix of cute and scary. The doll, shown in the beginning after Ethan is taken prisoner in the castle, also has great animation. Donna Beneviento is rarely seen, so Angie feels she is the real boss.


The haulers are a type of Moroaica found in Heisenberg’s factory. Their scary-looking helmets make them even scarier. It makes me think of the very scary French horror film Martyrs. Resident Evil Village isn’t nearly as scary or hard to watch as that movie, but it has some of the same images that put the enemy on this list. After hitting the person in the head, it’s easy to take off the headband.


Varcolac is like Lycans but even more animal-like. Also, they move faster and can take more damage before they die. When people saw these enemies in the trailer, they wondered if Resident Evil had gone crazy again. In the end, these poor villagers have something to do with the rest of the story, but you’ll have to play the game to find out what it is. The enemy looks like it could be from either Bloodborne or Resident Evil.


Thanks to its ability to fly, you don’t see this enemy too often up close and personal. If you did, you’d see for yourself how disgusting it is. It’s hard to tell if the thing coming out of its mouth is a tongue or another unknown mutated body part. They aren’t too hard to fight in battle, but if there are too many of them, they can cause trouble.


For several reasons, baby looks the scariest of all the monsters in the game. It looks and sounds like a disgusting baby that has been changed. Since Ethan Winters was there to find his daughter, this design must have made him feel bad. You can’t fight this creature; you must hide or run away from it instead. During this part, you will lose all of your weapons.



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