Resident Evil fans will tell you that Capcom’s famous survival horror series has been having trouble keeping things the same lately. There have been great episodes of the main series, really bad spin-offs, and everything in between. We’ve seen a big change from the slow, suspenseful horror genre to all-out action, and lengthy players aren’t certain where they stand right now.

No matter how you feel about the early Resident Evil games versus the later ones that are more like TPS games, I think we can all agree that the sequence is at its best when it gives us huge, ugly, and difficult bosses to fight. Here are the ones we think are the hardest the series has seen.

Queen Leech (Resident Evil)

The survival horror style of the series makes the first time through very hard. You never know what will happen next, so you can’t prepare for it. It is very easy not to have enough ammunition for the last battle.

Many players were in a similar situation when fighting Queen Leech in Resident Evil 0. You can beat the boss from a safe place thanks to an exploit. If this hadn’t happened, many people would have probably given up or started over from the beginning.

Moreau (Resident Evil: Village)

Moreau is the leader of Mother Miranda’s village. He is weak and hates himself. He is sickly and hunched over, so Dimitrescu and people like him pick on him. But he changes into a huge fish-like monster when pushed to his limits. Before Ethan can fight Moreau head-on, he must avoid many of his attacks.

Even when it’s time to fight, Moreau is a hard-to-deal-with beast. He goes after Ethan slowly and takes any damage the poor man can do. When Moreau gets hurt enough, he starts throwing up acid, which can quickly end Ethan’s quest.

Mother Miranda (Resident Evil: Village)

Mother Miranda isn’t a unique challenge in the grand scheme of Resident Evil games, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t a challenge. You have to plan how to use your resources daily and avoid Miranda’s wide-ranging attacks, but she’s not especially unfair.

She is a hard and annoying boss, and if Ethan isn’t careful, breaking him down doesn’t take her long. She can also take a lot of damage, and she spends most of the fight flying through the air with her black angelic wings. She rules the battlefield because she knows how to use the megabyte. This puts Ethan at a big disadvantage.

Derek Simmons (Resident Evil 6)

Many players might choose the dreaded “Plane Tyrant” as their first choice for number one, but we think that Derek Simmons from Resident Evil 6 just squeaked in to take the top spot. How? The fact is that Simmons is the only boss in the series who is as persistent, strong, and unpredictable as she is.

At the end of Leon S. Kennedy’s campaign, the villain takes on different forms in the final battle as his mutations worsen. Each of his forms is strong and very tough, from a four-legged, flaming horse-beast to a huge, powerful creature that looks like a dinosaur to a huge insect. There are different ways to take them down. Unlike the Resident Evil games, we got to this point by fighting.

Heisenberg (Resident Evil: Village)

Heisenberg gives Ethan Winters a little bit of a trick. In the first few hours of the game, it seems like Heisenberg is connected to the werewolves, but his real skill is creating cybernetic monsters and using magnetism like Magneto. He looks more like Victor Frankenstein than Wolfman.

In his boss fight, he tries to destroy Ethan by putting together a huge metal beast. Ethan uses a tank to fight this creature for the first part of the fight. This means that Ethan has to learn how to use the tank like the early Resident Evil protagonists. Before Heisenberg finally goes down, Ethan has to use his feet to avoid huge attacks with a wide range of damage.

Nemesis’ Final Form (Resident Evil 3 Remake)

The thing that makes Nemesis’s final form so scary is how hard it is, even if you have already won the game many times. Unlocks that give you more health and items don’t help much when the beast can kill you in two hits.

There is almost no room for error on the hardest difficulty, and bonus weapons like the Infinite Rocket Launcher almost don’t do anything. You have to be as accurate as possible with your pistol to hit its weak spots before you can use the rail gun to kill it.

Marguerite (Resident Evil 7)

Even though the series has gotten off track, Capcom hasn’t completely forgotten its survival horror roots. Resident Evil Revelations, its sequel, and Resident Evil 7 were all good attempts to combine Resident Evil’s action-heavy and creepy horror styles.

With its first-person view, Resident Evil 7 had many jumps, scares, and thrills that hit you right in the face. The final battle with Marguerite, which took place in the greenhouse, was a great example. It was a fierce fight with Jack Baker’s now-mutated wife.

She is very mobile and can move quickly on the walls and attack from all directions. She can also make more enemies, which gives the fight a new twist. Even so, this is a pretty early part of the game, and many worse things will come.



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