A remastered version of Resident Evil 2 was made available for purchase on January 25, 2019, for the PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One platforms by Capcom. For various reasons, this game rose to the top of Windows Central’s list of favorite Xbox games in a relatively short time.

The remake was so brilliantly executed that it not only reignited long-time fans’ passion for Resident Evil (RE) but also sparked an interest in the series among people of younger generations. Because Capcom has now released the Resident Evil Origins Collection, which includes Resident Evil Zero and Resident Evil 1, for the Nintendo Switch, all of us may continue our investigation of the franchise.

Resident Evil Zero and Resident Evil 1 are both included in the collection. An HD remaster of The Origins Collection is available and comes with both hard and digital games. A copy of Resident Evil 4 has also been made available on the Nintendo eShop. However, the digital download version is the only one that can be purchased.

Who is Resident Evil?

The series plot centers around what would occur following an unsuccessful attempt to develop the ideal biological weapon. The Biological Weapons Convention was signed in 1972. Yet, a firm known as Umbrella tried to develop biological weapons for use by various militaries worldwide, even though this was illegal.

They presented themselves to the general public as a run-of-the-mill pharmaceutical business. Still, behind the scenes, they were working toward fundamentally altering human nature at the molecular level. The virus was not successful, an outbreak has begun, and it is now too late to save Racoon City.

Everyone is in danger because once-dead bodies are coming back to life with a craving for living flesh, animals are mutating into deadly beasts, and no one can protect them. You are the only one who can figure out what took place, put a stop to it, and then escape without getting hurt.

What characters can we expect to see in the Resident Evil Origins Collection?

There are usually at least two primary protagonists at the center of the action in each installment of the Resident Evil series, as is customary with these kinds of games. Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine were playable characters in the first version of Resident Evil, released in 1996. Rebecca Chambers and Billy Coen are two playable characters in the 2002 video game Resident Evil Zero. Then there’s Resident Evil 4, which came out in 2005 and had Leon S. Kennedy and Ashley Graham amongst its cast of characters.

Owners of Nintendo Switch cannot access any new content at this time. Since these remasters are based directly on the initial releases, you will still only be able to experience the original tales, except having the option to play the game in Wesker mode once you have completed it. You can also anticipate many recurring characters, such as Billy Burton and Ada Wong.

How do the monsters in Resident Evil look?

Due to the nature of the virus that caused the outbreak in Resident Evil, the “monsters” could be more than just human beings. Not only is the virus capable of infecting plants and animals, but it also can make hybrids with anything it comes into contact with. More than eight distinct strains of the virus have been developed during the entirety of the series.

When a new game is published, we are presented with a fresh batch of enemies that we have never encountered in any other game before. You’ll encounter the ever-popular zombie, the nasty Cerberus dog, huge spiders, chimeras, Plant 42, Yawns, Plague Crawlers, and many other creatures.

I require it! Where do I take hold of it?

The Resident Evil: Origins Collection is now available for purchase at traditional retail outlets, and it contains both the original Resident Evil game and Resident Evil Zero. The price is $32. On the other hand, if you wish to purchase the game digitally through the Nintendo eShop, the process is a little more involved.

Since the collection is not currently available on the eShop, you will have to pay full price for each game to complete the collection. This includes Resident Evil 0, which can be purchased on its own for $30, and Resident Evil 1, which can also be purchased for the same price.

In addition, Nintendo and Capcom have released a high-definition version of Resident Evil 4 that is available through the eShop and costs the same amount as the original game. Updated to Ultimate Guide, changed purchase links and prices, added information regarding physical and digital editions, included new photos, and updated phrasing to reflect that the game is now available to the public.



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