The players of Batman: Arkham Knight have access to a vast assortment of costumes and skins for both the Batmobile and Batman himself. Some costumes can be purchased as downloadable content (DLC), while others must be earned by overcoming specific obstacles.

The outfits provide Batman with an entirely new appearance and heighten the excitement of the game. If you have become tired of wearing the same old Batsuit, you have come to the correct place! I will tell you about the top five Arkham Knight outfits for Batman and how you may get your hands on them. Continue reading to discover out.

Batman Incorporated

Fans of the first Batman Arkham game will like the Batman Incorporated outfit available for purchase. Both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City feature a vintage version of the Batsuit. You may also notice that this costume is strikingly similar to the one Ben Affleck wore in the Batman movies.

It’s a typical Batsuit with a Batman logo decorated in bright yellow on the wearer’s chest. Because the Batman Incorporated outfit is included in the downloadable content for Batman: Arkham Knight, acquiring it does not require you to complete any specific tasks or missions.

What’s great about Batman Incorporated?

  • The player will have the appearance of the old Batman.
  • Fans of Batman Arkham enjoy the appearance of the Batman Incorporated outfit.
  • The outfit is quite lifelike and has a lot of intricate details.

The Dark Knight 2008

If you call yourself a fan of Batman but haven’t seen the movie “The Dark Knight” from 2008, you can’t call yourself one. Not just Heath Ledger’s fantastic performance as the Joker but also the costume that Batman wore was the film’s most memorable aspect.

The Batsuit in the second installment of the Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight, was a vast upgrade over its predecessor, Batman Begins, which was released in 2005. We can receive that suit in Arkham Knight by purchasing it through the Xbox Store or Steam, a courtesy extended to us by WB Games (PC). Users of the PlayStation 4 will be pleased to hear that they do not need to pay for this litigation.

Why is the Dark Knight’s 2008 suit so great?

  • Experience the culmination of Nolan’s masterwork trilogy with Batman: Arkham Knight.
  • This costume makes Batman a tad skinnier.
  • The cape animation looks incredible while you’re gliding in the air.

Batman Beyond

The costume known as Batman Beyond is not a new skin for the character of Batman. Both “Injustice: Gods Among Us for Batman” and “Arkham Origins” will have this outfit available for purchase. However, the Batman Beyond costume in Arkham Knight has undergone significant transformations.

The tailoring on this outfit is so intricate that it’s practically alien! You are free to examine this suit in great depth and pay attention to every feature. It is not a typical Batsuit complete with a cape; rather, it is something unique that accomplishes the look of being futuristic.

What’s great about Batman Beyond Suit?

  • The Batman Beyond Suit is one of a kind and stands apart from past iterations of the Batsuit.
  • Gliding animation offers a novel experience, and there is no cape to be found anywhere in the game.
  • The garment has a lot of intricate details.

Justice League 3000

If you’re familiar with DC Comics, then you probably already know that Batman and the Justice League each have counterparts that live in a different reality. However, WB has been gracious enough to add a Justice League 3000 Skin for the Batman character in Arkham Knight.

Unlocking this skin will allow you to play as a Batman from a different dimension’s version of the future. This iteration of Batman does not dress in black; instead, he flaunts a combination of silver and crimson, and his armor has a subtle metallic shine that makes it appear magnificent.

What’s great about the Justice League 3000 Suit?

  • It is not the same as traditional catsuits, which often have a predominantly black color scheme.
  • It helps Batman stand out from the crowd.
  • Batman goes through a tremendous metamorphosis when he dons the Justice League 3000 costume.

Batsuit V8.05

The Batsuit V8.05 is the ideal outfit for you if you are the type of person who enjoys wearing both imposing and aesthetically pleasing catsuits. It is constructed with armor that is jet black, and a gold bat symbol is placed on the breast of Batman.

The player will not be able to use this costume until they have finished the game and acquired it. This encompasses all of the optional quests as well as Riddler’s goods! Consequently, donning this Batman suit will provide you with a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment due to your hard work.

What Makes the Batsuit V8.05- Prestige Suit So Special?

  • The original Batsuit has been updated with new features.
  • Once you have completed all of the game modes in Batman: Arkham Knight, you will unlock this outfit.
  • Detail of the highest caliber and attractive use of gold and jet black.


You can customize Batman and the Batmobile in Batman: Arkham Knight with a wide variety of skins by either purchasing the related downloadable content (DLC) or completing the corresponding challenges.

The game is even more enjoyable when additional Batman outfits are unlocked, and it is a welcome relief to do so without resorting to modding the game. I hope you had a good time reading through this rundown of the coolest Batman Arkham Knight outfits.



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