COD is one of the most difficult games, and anyone who likes action will love it. It has all the risks, dangers, challenges, and exciting parts. The game puts players in a world where things can go wrong, and to win, and they have to beat other players. If you don’t make it to the safe zone, you’ll lose health from things other than other players.

So, to win this game, you must have many skills, a good sense of strategy, and a strong desire to stay alive. Most importantly, it would help if you also got some proven warzone hacks from SideGamer to beat the other 149 players who also want the crown. We’ll also give you top tips that can help even a new player win more battles.

7 Tips for winning Call of Duty Warzone

Get an early start

Do you know that many people die when jumping from a plane? But you must get down without dying in the air if you want to win. So, pros tell players to pop their parachutes to increase their speed and drop faster than other players. If you pop and snip the cords, you move faster because you are pushed forward.

The funny thing is that you can do this numerous times to speed up and arrive before other people. So, you can even kill other players who aren’t your friends and still stay alive. You can also stay away from places where other players are ready to shoot at you.

Know what weapons are available.

Call of Duty is an action-packed video game in which you shoot from the very first second to the very last. You can forget about winning if you don’t have the right weapon. So, please find a good weapon and learn how to use it well.

That’s the only way always to hit an enemy when you shoot at them. The incredible thing is that the game has a lot of guns and weapons that are dangerous and fun to use. So, take your time to learn about them and choose the best one for how you like to play.

Map knowledge is important.

The game map shows the area where the game can be played. Professional players know that knowing the map helps them plan how to play. So, no matter what, you should always look at the map to see what weapons, hiding places, etc., will work. In Warzone, for example, players might end up on Rebirth Island or in Verdansk 84. You won’t know anything about strategic positioning if you don’t know how these maps work.

Health is a big deal in COD.

Keep an eye on your health while you play Call of Duty. If you lose all of your HP without realizing it, you’ll die and go to Gulag. So don’t make any hasty decisions that will use up your health points. The good news is that death isn’t the end.

Instead, it sends you to the Gulag, where you have to fight another weak player for a 2nd chance to get back into the main game. Another good thing is that your health can heal itself, and armor plates can give you more health. But what if all five of your armor plates get hurt? So, it’s better to keep an eye on your health than to lose it without thinking.

Fight with a UAV

In Warzone, you are more likely to win if you can find your enemies on the map. The UAV is one of the things you need for that. This tool can be bought at any BuyStation, but it will cost you $4000. So, if you have enough in-game money to buy one, do it sooner if you have that much. So, you can see enemies before they realize you are trying to avoid or kill them.

At least you can kill many enemies who don’t know you’re there if you find them first. Also, you can purchase the advanced UAV or use three UAVs, which in some games might be better. But keep in mind that the advanced UAV only works for 40 seconds. So, use any type you get smartly.

Carry more armor plates

This point is important for the team in particular. Most of the time in Warzone, your health is 100. But you can get up to 250 Health from armor plates. Each plate gives you 50 HP, and you can carry up to 5 of them. So, the best thing to do is save all 5 for the team. If a team member is getting weaker because their HP is low, you can give them your extra to immediately boost their health.

Use your Money

Getting contacts done gives you cash to use in the game. But how you use it will determine whether you win or lose more games. So instead of putting your money away, we suggest you buy UAV, Cluster Strikes, and Killstreaks. You can also use the money to buy more armor plates or loadout falls for your favorite weapons. You can win the game with all of these extras.


You’ll need all the assistance you can get if you want to win Warzone. We’ve given you tips from pros to help you do better. Also, we recommend getting some hacks from people who make games for a living. That way, you can make the game easier and enjoy it more.



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