Digital: how to develop your skills during the summer in web marketing, design, SEO, etc.

Are you interested in digital marketing? Are you passionate about the social media field? Do you want to know more about SEO techniques? Do you want to know all the keys to UX and UI design? Or do you want to be able to create a WordPress site by yourself? Take advantage of the summer period to develop your digital skills thanks to training courses selected for you by BDM, in partnership with Skills4All, a recognized organization in online training. You can follow these programs at your own pace, regardless of where you are. They are certified and financeable thanks to your CPF.

Summer is a great time to learn new skills

Summer is the ideal time to train and develop your skills in your chosen field, whatever your objective: succeed in your retraining project in one of the exciting digital professions, boost your employability to try a new professional adventure at the start of the school year, stay up to date on the latest trends in your sector, or simply quench your thirst for learning and your curiosity.

This period is generally synonymous with a slowdown in business activity, which is calmer and will thus leave you more time and energy to devote yourself to it in the evening, for example, after your office hours. But you can also dedicate some time, during your vacation, to focus on learning new knowledge after a well-deserved moment of relaxation. You will then have a more free and available mind to immerse yourself in new natural referencing practices, discover growth hacking techniques, or explore the specificities of WordPress.

6 complete training courses to learn everything about digital professions

By training during the summer, you seize the opportunity offered to you to anticipate and get ahead in your profession, while standing out from other candidates, especially for those looking for a new challenge at the start of the school year. Concretely, the 6 training courses offered by BDM and Skills4All provide you with everything you need to make a career in one of the many digital professions:

  • Digital Marketing Expert: to be able to build a marketing strategy that is both effective and innovative,
  • Community Manager : to learn how to produce content linked to a brand identity, animate and develop online communities,
  • SEO Expert: to learn the techniques for optimizing the natural referencing of a site, improving its traffic and its conversion rate,
  • UI and/or UX designer: to become an expert in web or mobile interface design while meeting user needs,
  • Digital marketing project manager: to acquire the key skills of web marketing and growth hacking, and know how to use dedicated tools,
  • WordPress Developer: to master the creation of websites from A to Z (hosting, CMS configuration, customization, security, etc.).

How to follow a digital training during the summer?

Are you interested in one of these digital training courses? Are you motivated and feel ready to take the plunge to start a new project, or strengthen your knowledge in one of these key digital fields? It’s very simple: click on one of the links in the list above, and make sure you meet the prerequisites indicated. If this is the case, simply fill out the form at the bottom of the training page. Upon receipt, the Skills4All organization will contact you quickly to assess your training project and will support you in all your steps to obtain your funding via the CPF and start your training.