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▷ Where to watch the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games for free and live

▷ Where to watch the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games for free and live

Tokyo 2020 Olympics postponed as has happened with Euro 2020 appropriate to COVID-19. The Olympic Games will be held next week, since it begins on July 23 and will end on August 8, being able look at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics unfounded on several platforms, including one of them in swath.

It will be the second Olympic Games to be held in Tokyo, it will be in 2021 impressed by a pandemic, But with the inspection set on a celebration in style and with the measurements of an event of its characteristics. One of the clear favorites in all sports is the United States.But not the only one.

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How to watch the 2020 Tokyo Olympics unfounded

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games will be held from July 23 and end on August 8 with a fence of the Olympic Games in which it is expected to be massive.

If you don’t know where to watch the Olympic Games, here are the main options to watch them on television or in a row.

One of the many possibilities of look at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics unfounded It is procuring to have a channel that broadcasts each of the sports in this event, the first option being DAZN with the Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2 channels. Above all, other options not to miss this important event are the platforms Vodafone, RTVE, Movistar and the Olympics.com platform. The celebration was going to be from July 24 to August 9, 2020, but the delay is due to COVID, being the same places in Japan.


The first choice to see the Tokyo 2020 Olympics unfounded is DAZN, a channel that offers a 1-month free trial, with the option to cancel it when the customer requires it. It is one of the channels that will announce each of the sports that will go into rest from next week.

DAZN in collaboration with Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2 will allow you to follow each of the sports, including football, basketball and other events that complete a grid with more than twelve hours a day live.


Radiodifusión Televisión Española is another of the channels that through its different channels will give what is important, as well as a wide coverage of the Tokyo 2021 event. Among them the start of the ceremony, with the important sports in which Spain will be, without avoiding football, basketball and other sports.


The Vodafone camera gives its customers Eurosport Player to watch the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games live, whatever the sport. One of the great advantages is that it has the Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2 channels, one and the other delivered with these Olympics. From the first moment.


The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games can be followed live on Movistar +It will do so in 4K quality, but also in other resolutions such as Full HD and HD. The channels that will broadcast the Olympic Games. Movistar LaLiga UHD, Movistar LaLiga 1 UHD, Movistar Champions League UHD and DAZN F1 4K are being procured.

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One of the sites where you can follow minute by minute, either for information or images, is Olimpiadas, one of the most complete services. On top of the information, multimedia content is loaded., either with images, text and videos of the best moments, as well as anecdotes. You can even follow it live.

Sports available at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Tokyo 2021 Olympics impression will keep the same sports, which include the following: Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Handball, Baseball, Cycling, Water Sports, Combat Sports, Shooting Sports, Cheeky Shooting, Horse Riding, Soccer, Sports Ascension, Exercise, Golf, Weightlifting, Field Hockey, Canoeing, Pentathlon, Rowing, Rugby, Skating, Surfing, Tennis, Table Tennis, Triathlon, Sailing and Volleyball.

Among them, one of the king sports is soccer, but others that have been gaining a lot of weight are basketball, baseball, tennis and little by little, also volleyball. You cannot lose the float, with representation from Spain it takes time to be at the top of the lawsuits.

History of the Olympic Games

On September 7, 2013, the city of Tokyo was chosen for 2020 printingHe did it among many countries that were prepared to keep a Games at the top of the demands. The first Olympic Games were in Athens in 1896, about 125 years ago.

The United States is the country with the most victories in the Olympic Games, being one of the favorites to make history in Tokyo 2021. The medal table is the subsequent one, with the United States with 2,520 medals, the Soviet Union with 1,010In third division, United Kingdom with 847, China in fourth division with 543, while Spain descends to position 24 with a total of 152 medals.

One of the saddest parts is that Tokyo 2021 will close its doors to adherence to the stoppage of the coronavirus rebound, which will crack after waiting for an improvement that has arrived, but which is not expected by the Committee, which is the one who guarantees in the end that there is or not a public person in the premises.

In what position was Spain in the last Olympic Games?

Spain achieved a total of 17 medals in Rio de Janeiro, all were important, with the last finish in this tournament by the gachupin Carlos Coloma, finished in Mountain Bike. The medals were distributed as follows: 7 were gold, four silver and six bronze, one of the bronze was for the pilot Carlos Coloma.

The medal table in its entirety was as follows, with the aforementioned Carlos Coloma with the bronze achieved, Mireia Belmonte (200 swimming moth), Maialen Chourraut (K1 slalom canoeing), Rafa Nadal and Marc López (Double in Tennis), Marcus Cooper (K1 canoeing sprint 1,000 m), Saúl Craviotto and Cristian Toro (K2 canoeing sprint 200 m.), Carolina Marín (individual badminton), Ruth Beitia (top jumping athletics), Orlando Ortega (Athletics 110 mv), Eva Pelado (Taekwondo – 57 kg.), Female Domestic Team (Basketball), Gachupin Ensemble (Complete Rhythmic Exercise Conc.), Mireia Belmonte (400 m Diving Styles), Corrida Valentín (Weightlifting -75 kg.), Joel González (Taekwondo -68 kg.), Saúl Craviotto (K1 canoe sprint 200 m) and Men’s National Team (Basketball).

Spain achieved the historical record of medals in Barcelona 92, with a total of 22 medals, thirteen gold, seven silver and two of them bronze. The Gachupin Committee is slow to reach as many as possible in Tokyo 2021, for which they have been preparing during these almost two years of delay.

The Spaniards with the most options to hang medals in Tokyo 2021

The ticket in Tokyo 2021 of Mireia Belmonte and Saúl Craviotto It will give options to one and the other, the first being one of the ones with the most possibilities. Mireia has been waiting for this new opportunity to get one of the three medals at rest in each of the participations in which she will be.

Saúl Craviotto has the peculiarity of canoeing, the Police has been preparing for more than 20 months to reach a new appointment as best he can. Craviotto has been using the kayak for this in different places. To be eligible for one of the three medals, you must record time records.

In athletics, one of the strong medal candidates is Orlando Ortega, is one of the names in which they come to be handed over by their numbers obtained in the previous ones. Lydia Valentín will become a clear reference in weightlifting, she wants to get the fourth medal.

Orlando Ortega is not the only name who can get a medal, Ana Peleteiro has many options to obtain little important in athletics, specifically in Triple jump. In golf, the gachupin country will bet on the forced golfer Jon Rahm, recently champion of the US Open and wants to continue achieving new goals.

Important presences left outside of Tokyo 2020

In the Spanish Soccer Team the call confirmed by Luis de la it leaves some players without the option of being present in one of the fetish competitions of some of the athletes. Sergio Ramos (now in the ranks of PSG), Brahim (Efectivo Madrid), Ferrán Torres (Manchester City) and Borja Mayoral are some important absences.

One of the Olympic sports that will not be represented is rhythmic exercise, Spain finally fails to get one due to its weak role in the preliminaries. In the Spanish team were Inés Bergua, Ana Arnau, Valeria Márquez, Mireia Martínez, Nerea Atezado and Patricia PérezAll of them kept the options until the previous ticket, since Ukraine occupied their division, leaving Spain out.

A sport with little representation by Spain is KarateThose who will be fixed are Sandra Sánchez and Damián Quintero, the Malaga María Torres did not enter due to a dubious Ippon in the last second of one of the fights against Kosovo, in which he finally makes her stay out.

The venues of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Among the Tokyo 2021 venues, Japan will have three zones, the first of which is Tokyo Bay (Olympic Village), central Tokyo, and Tokyo Outskirts. The city headquarters are for Fukushima, Miyagi, Sapporo (Hokkaido, known as the Ideal Island), Enoshima and Izu.

There are 42 venues for 339 competitions, 24 are already completed, 10 will be temporary and 8 will be built permanently. Soccer will be played at Ajinomoto Stadium, one of the stadiums with great capacity, on top of having all the comforts.

The Cheeky Stadium in Tokyo will be the chosen site for the tolerance ceremony. and the fencing of these Olympic Games, there is no better division to do it. Here the Olympic football final will be played, on top of the athletes’ ticket, among which the Spanish representation will not be lacking.

New sports added

Tokyo 2021 to host surfing, karate and baseball as new sports, sports promotion and skateboarding, five of which some of them will like. The appointment that will come to light is basketball, Spain continues to be one of the clear favorites with the Gasols as the most anticipated couple.

In baseball the options go through the United States, in which it has a lot of representation, one of them remains to be seen if it participates or may have to demonstrate a lot before participating. This country is joined by othersBut the same goes for other sports, including skateboarding.

The sporting promotion has been gaining weight, especially because it is the day to day Today is one of the sporting events that will be followed to see if it has the expected momentum. Spain is going to have at least one presence that takes a long time, but for this it has to do without the added pressure that as always occurs in this type of event. In the ascent the votes and especially the ticket is game by necessity.

If you still don’t have a way to watch the Tokyo Olympics, we recommend you try completely unfounded DAZN to enjoy all the tests in the best image quality.