Chinese mobile phone maker Xiaomi was recently removed from the US black series as the Defense Area realized that Xiaomi is not, in fact, a “communist Chinese martial company”. And now, according to new data from Canalys, Xiaomi has overtaken Apple to become the world’s second-leading smartphone maker.

According to the news, Samsung had a 19 percent share of the global smartphone market in the second quarter of 2021, followed by 17 percent of Xiaomi and 14 percent from Apple. Oppo and Vivo from China occupy the fourth and largest area, both with a market share of 10 percent.

If perfectly all companies in the series achieved some growth compared to the same period last year, Xiaomi grew 83 percentwhile Apple only grew 1 percent year over year.

Xiaomi’s position as the second smartphone manufacturer is due to valid growth worldwide, with shipments increasing by more than 300 percent in Latin America, 150 percent in Africa and 50 percent in Western Europe, says the boss. Canalys Ben Stanton Research. However, although the company is known for its excellent budget and mid-tier phones, “The main priority for Xiaomi this year is to increase sales of its flagship devices, such as the Mi 11 Reactionary,” Stanton adds.

a name that top five series err is Huawei. The company was once the world’s leading mobile phone provider, but sales of its smartphones have been on the decline since the US government blacklisted it.


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