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🥇 Chrome Flags: what it is and how to access the best ones – Android Guides

🥇 Chrome Flags: what it is and how to access the best ones – Android Guides

The chrome flags are perhaps little that we usually see in a colleague who teaches us that additional feature of the admirable Chrome browser. We are going to teach you to find out what is it and how can we get the best.

We are in the presence of a Google Chrome web browser in which the great G is incorporating novelties in its canary versions.

They are the ones where they are put to the test highly experimental featuress and that sometimes they even disappear without arriving at the final interpretation, which is the one used by “normal” users.

What are chrome flags?

Chrome flags are experimental features that may be in the different versions that Chrome has suitable for everyone in the Play Store. The best of these experimental features are available through the browser to get to its menu and thus activate the ones that we understand we need or simply want to try.

In fact, many times they serve us to test the first characteristic that will finally arrive at the final interpretation.

Can whisper about night mode or many other features that have improved the experience of the successor that Chrome has always provided. If we think that Google is one of the companies that invests the most in experiments, we can understand the large number of them that we have from that Chrome Flags menu.

If we have said that there is a good number, it is so. In fact, being the very extensive directory, it is always recommended to use search to find them. And that we have them organized by sections so that we can go faster to those who are wanted or in need.

How to enable Chrome Flags

The You can get to Chrome flags through this series of steps:

chrome:// flags

As we have said, we will use the inquire from the adjacent menu from the pin of three vertical points. This will make it more feasible for us, especially if we know a Chrome Flags and we want to find it among all of them.

Next thing to do:

remember that you can reset all to default titles with the pin to the right of the flag search.

Index of some interesting commands

As Google does not stop trying new things, we always have to be aware of those Chrome Flags that can be effects. For example, one of them is the possibility of activate PiP or popup mode. Yes, the YouTube ones that are generated when we start doing something else, or WhatsApp itself, here we have it.

pip video

This Chrome Flags is the sea of ​​interesting since it allows us enable window-in-window mode. This way we will have the active videos while we explore the web. You can even move that screen while playing a full screen YouTube video.

These two chrome flags must be activated:

Show form autocomplete predictions

It seems incredible, but we can activate very interesting functions like this. By having this option activated from Chrome, all those the forms will be filled in automatically or filled in seconds without having to do null. The Chrome flag to activate is this:

Offline or offline tab cyber recharge

With this option, if we have lost the wifi connection, we’ll make sure that when it comes back, all the tabs we have open are automatically reloaded. Be careful if you have too many of them, as it will result in a capital drawdown depending on their number.

This is the flag:

Saved sample copy caller

yes for whatever the page you visited has disappeared, you can retrieve it from the personality as long as you have this flag on. The flag is:

Lazy image loading

This is a feature that certain websites have enabled so that they can be load images while browsing the visitor. It is to ensure, not all the images are loaded when we have entered the page, but they are made as we scroll. We can have it active by default from Chrome with:

Group tabs together

With this flag you can compact all those tabs grouping them into organized groups. You can even label and color them to quickly tell them apart, which is very handy. The flag is:

Activate the recitation mode of Chrome

Another interesting flag that allows us bring to light the hidden recitation mode that we have in Chrome and that is still practical in our mobile. It does not make an error to ensure that what it does is reduce the amount of dark light emitted by the screen for a more comfortable navigation. There it goes:

Activate lazy mode

While you can enable lazy mode from chromeThe truth is that there are places that do not allow you to enjoy it.

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How to activate lazy mode in Google Chrome

It is to ensure, they pass olimpically from the browser. there is a way to force it and this is from Chrome Flags. What it does is turn the white background unlucky and vice versa for the text. This is:

Activate a play jack for music and videos

have a feasible communication to audio and video playback When we browse the network of networks from the Google browser, we can put a pin to order those moments in which we want to pause or resume. Here’s this great trick:

A smoother scrolling experience.

have a best scrolling experience When we browse our favorite web page we have this very interesting Chrome Flag:

And always remember to use the appropriate command to get to Chrome’s flags. It won’t work if you write little like chrome //flags or chrome/flags. Sometimes colons are forgotten and become horizontal, as in chrome ..//flags, plurals are altered, or humanities are directly inverted for quick typing.