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10 best horror games for Android

10 best horror games for Android

Horror games are always interesting, especially when you can enjoy them in any area. On Android, for example, we have spent more and more quality games in this class in recent years, especially due to the popularization of the subject. If you’re even a fan of horror games, be sure to check out our index of some of the best Android titles. Check it out below!

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1. Dead Space

The Dead Space franchise has always been very successful on consoles and PC, but it even ended up finding a good audience on mobile devices. This interpretation of the hinge has very simple controls to understand and that fit very well with the touch screen.

The graphics and scenes are even very well done and help make the scares and horror setting more convincing. The downsides are that it’s not very low-end and still requires a more powerful device to run smoothly.

2.Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 is set in a post-apocalyptic world filled with danger and zombies ready to attack you at any moment. This first-person shooter game is a toss-up (with some in-app purchases, of course) and offers positively impressive visuals.

In an area of ​​having constant scares, the hinge ends up being more tense, since you never know what will happen or when the enemies will appear. It is worth checking out and you can download it via this link.

3. Dungeon Nightmares

Dungeon Nightmares goes one step further and places you in a dark dungeon, with narrow corridors filled with terrifying enemies ready to attack you. To be aware, this is considered by many to be one of the scariest games on Android.

The visuals aren’t the prettiest you’ll see on an Android game, but they blend in nicely with the whole atmosphere of horror and claustrophobia that the game tries to convey. It is possible that Dungeon Nightmares is not a cheap one, but it is very cheap for what it offers and you can download it from this link.

4. Luceros: the hinge of terror

In Eyes – The Horror Game, you will have to explore an abandoned house that is haunted by a very aggressive and scary ghost. The visuals match the horror attitude state very well and the controls are very easy to understand.

The generic goal of the hinge is to run away every time the revenant starts chasing you, while still trying to harvest various valuable items during the terrifying adventure. It’s possible to download a free demo (which has lots of ads), but since the game itself is heavily discounted, we recommend trying the full version. you can download it from this link.

5. Five Nights at Freddy’s

That yes, the games of the Five Nights at Freddy’s series could not stop being in this index, transmitting the enormous success that they have had since 2014. On top of offering a very tense animation, the games even end up full of scares that can happen in any moment.

As you may already know, you must survive at least 5 nights in a row as a night watchman in a satisfied establishment of enchanted electronic puppets that will attack you whenever the opportunity presents itself. The series already has 4 very successful games and you can check the first one directly at this link.

6. Close to the dead

In Into the Dead, we return to the classic zombie game, where you have to escape and get rid of the undead at all costs. The look of the hinge is very well done and goes a long way in making the animation even more tense and scary.

On top of that, this is easily one of the most popular horror games you’ll find on Android, so you can’t go far wrong. The can be downloaded for free via this link, but it does contain some in-app purchases.

7. Murder Room

The Murder Room game is much less well known, but just as terrifying as the other games we feature in this index. His look is a bit different and some players may even find him disturbing, which helps a lot to make him more scary and tense.

To complete the story mode, you need to solve various puzzles, which become more and more complex and interesting. After that, you can even buy the second part within the app itself, which is even very good.

8. The room

Another great puzzle game is The Room, in which you will have to progress through several very different rooms full of mysteries. Each room is full of media and mysteries that will help you reveal the story behind the game, a mechanic that works very well and keeps players enthralled.

It’s important to note that there are no jump scares or enemies chasing you in this game, and the ultimate terror is in the tense environment, the claustrophobic feeling that runs through the rooms, and the puzzles you solve. The game was so successful that it recently ended up getting an even more interesting sequel that you should even check out. Click here to download the first game in the series.

9. The Thin Man

Of course, The Slender Man even had to be in our index as it was another huge hit on PC and mobile. The game places you in an amphibious forest, where you must search for clues while escaping from the fearsome Slender Man.

The enemy based on horror stories popularized on the Internet guarantees great scares and an animation of uninterrupted tension.

10. Twisted Lands

If you like the idea of ​​haunted places, Twisted Lands is one of the best options you can find on Android. In it, you end up playing as a character who finds himself on the most haunted island you can imagine.

To be aware, even the water, branches, and the beach are enchanted, so you end up in a tense attitude state all the time. On top of that, you have to solve various tricky puzzles in order to escape and survive.

Did you like these horror games for Android?

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