Why the PS2 controller sucks…

14 year old David Robinson is happily playing GTA 3 while outside a heavy thunderstorm lights up the sky and the sound of thunder reaches the level of the Josti band in full line-up.
While gaming, disaster strikes, lightning strikes full, and goes through his TV to the PS2 and via the cable (luckily the PS3 controller is wireless) about 10,000 volts goes into his controller and…
The controller of his PS2 has turned into a pile of smoldering plastic and warped metal, but David escapes unscathed.
David’s comment was “I was afraid my PS2 was broken…”

Well I don’t know what to think about this, but if there’s a big thunderstorm and you have the TV and PS2 on, you’re asking for trouble.

Maxima would say, “He was a bit stupid.”

The fact that David hasn’t changed into a heap of smoldering ashes is thanks to the PS2 controller.


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