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12 minutes to Batman: Arkham City


12 minutes to Batman: Arkham City



A pleasantly long demonstration of the bat adventure coming in the fall.

Getting closer to Batman: Arkham City appearance, we only have to wait a few months and we can put order in Gotham again in October. THE Rocksteady Studios however, he won’t let his spirits calm down until then, and almost every little thing about the game arrives almost every other day. Where the veil is pulled off of a new character, where something about what was previously hidden is revealed in connection with the gameplay, and now a longer video has been shot on the World Wide Web. In the more than 12-minute demonstration, you can see Batman flying over the streets, but of course there’s plenty of melee as well, full of new moves and combos. We can also see the other controllable character, Catwoman, in action at the beginning of the video.
Since there’s a lot we can learn about the gameplay and even the story in the video, keep the spoiler danger in mind when you watch it!