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12 new mobile games that just came out and are a success

12 new mobile games that just came out and are a success

The weekend is coming and it is very likely that you want to have a good time on Saturday and Sunday playing with your mobile. If you need new games so as not to bore you, today we leave you with a tape of 12 new mobile games which just lasted to Google Play. They are all 4 stars or higher, just last to the store and have hundreds or thousands of positive reviews. Some of them have only been a few days and already accumulate thousands and thousands of downloads.

The games that come to Google Play as a novelty do not usually appear in style, since it takes a while until they become popular and are recommended by the platform. This is not what has happened with the tape that we leave you below: they are completely new games that have been success stories. In less than two weeks they have achieved Be popular and receive thousands of positive reviews.

Everyone has several geese in global: are inappropriate, they have been available for a few days and their comments are full of positive reviews. They won’t be the best Android games of the year, of course, but they are a good opportunity to spend time testing them and leaving only the ones that are positively worthwhile.

They are totally inappropriate android games and that any device can install. We strongly recommend that you take a look at all of them and download all the ones that enter your smartphone and then test them carefully. If none of them convinces you, you can take a look at our Android Games section.