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14 applications to use Instagram on PC or Mac

14 applications to use Instagram on PC or Mac

With the exponential increase in the use of social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, some of these media are almost exclusive to mobile devices such as iPhone and Android phones. Instagram is one of them, with limited browser interpretation. Before proceeding to the text, please note that these apps for using Instagram on PC or Mac are not official Instagram apps.

That is to say, you may face some problems at certain times. We use some of these apps to use Instagram on PC or Mac and have not had any major issues so far.

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Scalehot is a browser application that not only allows you to use Instagram on your PC, but also makes it easy to find new followers. Allows you to schedule automatic follow-up interactions, such as up-time newscast posts and story views. All this according to the hashtags, locations and profiles you choose.

You can also schedule the posts you make to your own feed, making it easy to create a consistent and optimized posting schedule. It is worth mentioning that Scalehot also comes with a reporting tool that allows you to track your profile growth.

Tip: access the link now and sign up for Scalehot to enjoy 7 days of FREE trials!

Like the apps above, Grow Social isn’t meant to be looking at the feed, but it’s a powerful tool to leverage your business on Instagram. Through automated interactions, you can market new followers with good potential to engage with your posts.

On top of that, with Grow Social you can schedule Instagram posts and Stories, as well as send automatic messages to new followers. All this accompanied by reports on its growth in the social network.

Tip: Grow Social gives you 3 FREE days to test and demonstrate the efficiency of the platform. click on the link to register and originate to try!

Browser-friendly and useful on both PC and Mac, Bume lets you set up capture pages, run the show with your repertoire of best Instagram friends, and send automated messages. The application also displays a message about the growth of your profile and allows you to schedule posts on the platform for Instagram (feed and stories), Twitter, LinkedIn or Twitter Meu Negócios.

Note: Learn more about Bume through its FREE 5-day trial. make your registration by accessing the link and start testing it immediately!

Just like the starter, you can use Engaji in any browser. Allows you to schedule automatic interactions based on specific profiles, genders, locations, and hashtags. By detailing the terms, it researches and distributes the likes and followers of the posts and their respective authors.

On top of that, you can also schedule feed and story posts and get reports on your profile growth.

Meet Engaji through the link and enjoy a 10% discount using the coupon larrossa.

One of the few Instagram apps that runs from desktop software. Focused on automated interactions, you can set it to trigger posts based on hashtags and locations, or specific profile followers.

On top of interactions, Nikau has reports showing the growth of your profile. Download the application to your computer via the link.

The ideal tool to get more than one link in your Instagram career. AppTuts.bio allows you to create a mini site that leads your followers to various links to your site. Think of it as not much like Linktree, only much better.

With this, you can cater to followers looking for a sales page or simply those who want to take a free class or subscribe to your WhatsApp, Telegram or email repertoire.

To test out the possibility of having multiple links on your Instagram run, check out AppTuts.bio right now via the link!

Perforgram is one of the most featured apps to use Instagram on PC or Mac. On top of the automatic interactions that are also present in Gerenciagram and Bume, Perforgram allows you to schedule posts and Stories on your profile.

Other PerforGram tools include the ability to auto-address and track reports of your profile metrics. In other words, all aspects of managing an Instagram profile are possible with Perforgram.

Tip: Perforgram guarantees that your Instagram will grow internally from the first 15 days of use. Click the link to sign up for it.

Consummated to improve your number of followers and likes on Insta, iPost.Me uses automated interactions to help you with this task when you use Instagram on your PC. The app is one of the few that also distributes views on Stories in a cyber way, increasing your chances of being noticed on the social network.

On top of interactions, you can use iPost.Me to schedule posts on the platform, as well as send automated messages to new followers.

Tip: iPost.Me offers a FREE trial of its platform for a limited time. Register through the link to originate to try it!

Besides working as an Instagram manager on PC, SocialGram is also ideal for those who need an alternative that offers various features. This means that, through it, you can control the comments and messages sent by the social network, as well as schedule posts on Insta.

Just like Instaeasy and the other tools shown above, it is also possible to have SocialGram perform automatic interactions. All this accompanied by reports that show the metrics of your profile.

Tip: click on the link to benefit from the 5 days of FREE trial offered by the platform!

Looking for a way to run giveaways and engage your followers on the social network, potentially winning more people? For this, it is necessary to use an external application, since Instagram does not offer an experience way to do them.

That’s why we recommend our very own Instagram giveaway tool. It is practical, clear to use and of course completely free. Simply select the profile and post, set the filters and toss the winner of the comments. Do you like the idea?

Exclusively for Mac, Flume has several options available only on smartphone apps. It allows the rotation of direct messages, it has analytical tools and a better search engine. The Pro option, arranged for import, allows you to upload photos and videos to the social network through your Mac, as well as allowing you to rule the roost with more than one account.

BlueStack is a competitor that allows you to use Android on your computer. You can use BlueStack to affect the use of any Android app on your computer, and of course Instagram is no exception. To start using this application, you just need to click here and download it to your computer.

Once downloaded, there are two ways to use Instagram. The first is to perform a search and download the application. The other, a bit more convoluted, is to download an APK (you can do it at apktrain.com, for example). Then, simply heat this APK file with BlueStack.

Once installed, you have access to virtually all of Instagram’s features. Log in, share photos, make comments, etc. I’ll leave you with a warning: it’s not always clear to use. Don’t forget that Instagram is designed to be trendy on mobile devices, not computers.

If you have problems with the installation, try removing it and downloading it again. It usually works.

Click here to download BlueStack

A little less complete than the previous ones, Gramblr should only be in fashion if neither of the two options that we talk about in this article is to your delight. With Gramblr, you can upload a few photos and little more than that. You will have to do all the posting of images. This also includes leaving your prepared images with a size of 650 × 650 pixels and with the filters applied. Gramblr also tends to breed some problems with hashtags.

Click here to download Gramblr

Like the Instagram app, Ramme is an app created by independent developers to allow you to sign in to your Instagram account directly from your computer. The advantage is that Ramme also allows you to use Instagram on PC and even Linux, which makes it available to almost anyone who has a computer at home.

On the other hand, it is not even possible to allocate your photos and videos through it, serving only to interact with the profiles you follow.

An ideal option for those who want to have an open window on Instagram, instead of browsing through tabs. Go for Instagram allows the heir to accept the web interpretation of the social network in a monopoly window, taking up less memory than opening a new browser window. However, it is worth noting that the functions are similar to what can be seen in the browser post.

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What applications to use Instagram on PC or Mac do you recommend?

What applications to use Instagram on PC or Mac do you have installed on your computer? Do you recommend any of them or do you have another option that we do not cover in our repertoire? If you don’t like the apps we showcase, be sure to check out our tutorial on how to spread photos on Instagram for PC.