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14 Strategies to Get Instagram Comments


14 Strategies to Get Instagram Comments

A social network with an even more manageable interaction than others like Facebook or Twitter, it is not surprising that Instagram occupies the second job after Facebook in terms of bills and users; See how many users Instagram has in Brazil and around the world in 2017 in this text. If you’ve already created your profile or your company’s profile, but don’t know how to get users to comment on your posts, check out the 14 best strategies to get comments on Instagram to increase engagement with your brand.

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1. Increase your bag of followers

Friends and Tribe may be highly commenting users and help your profile grow, but they are not enough for you to have a successful Instagram career. The ideal is to attract more followers to your account and our suggestion to do it in an agile way is to use applications to automate interactions on the social network.

Programs of this type allow you to configure hashtags and locations in which your profile will search, liking posts and automatically following their authors according to what you have defined. For example, if you want to like posts with the hashtag #geek, simply set this up in the dashboard and the rig will like posts and follow profiles that post with that hashtag.

As for these software, our old recommendation is Scalehot. Doing exactly what we talked about in the above paragraph, the rig also displays your profile growth reports and allows you to schedule posts and Stories, among other features.

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2.Make your account public

Some people end up leaving their Instagram private, which sucks! This prevents others from finding it, which also reduces the number of comments.

If you have a private account, for example, the hashtags you enter won’t be found and even if people search for your account on Insta search, they’ll never be able to see your content. And with less family watching your content, less follows you and with that, less family also comments, etc.

Anyway, you see how this is a cocaine lie, right? Leaving your public account will open the possibility of increasing your number of comments and thus have more comments.

And keep in mind that even if you have a public account, Instagram allows you to set not to take comments from anyone.

To make your account public, access your profile, open the settings menu and leave the option private account rampant.

Tip: If you have a business profile on Instagram, your account is automatically considered public and you don’t need to make any changes.

3. Enable Instagram notifications

The secret to making Instagram work for you is to elicit engagement. Therefore, enable notifications in the social network so that you can reply to comments quickly, if only to give a like in the comment. To enable notifications, go back to the profile settings menu and choose push notifications.

Then make sure the option Of everything or Activated he is impressed at all the options.

4. Secure your Instagram comments

It may seem like beginner’s advice, but replenishing comments helps make your post more relevant, and Instagram benefits you in that way. The mechanics of any social network is very simple: if a publication is interacting, it is proving interesting; if he’s being interesting, he shows up to more family.

By replenishing comments, you get more people to engage, making the post seem like more followers. Oh, and another tip: the faster you respond to comments, the more family will respond to what you say.

5. Ask people to comment or do little.

On the Internet, there is a simple rule: if you don’t ask the family to do little, they won’t! So in both your Facebook and Instagram posts, at the bottom of the post, ask people to do little. Here’s an example:

It’s a core principle, right? If you want the family to do little, ask them to do it! In this case, I published the cover of a text I was reading and asked them to also tell me what they were reading.

Here is another example:

In this other one, I talked about the Messenger Chat Feed for Websites and asked the family to tag their friends. What happened? The family has marked friends 😉

6. Create promotions or contests

If you’re using Instagram to promote an online store, a good idea to encourage your followers to comment is by creating some sort of promotion or competition. In this championship, your followers will have to give the best comment to take a gift from the store, for example. See an example of what Sanduba do Careca did:

In it, the participants had to write a sentence about their father and then take various prizes for it. Obviously, this generated an abundance of… comments.

Think: what can you offer in your business for the family to interact? Just be careful about one thing: if you’re always doing this, the family will stop paying attention. Just do it from time to time.

7. Do giveaways on Instagram

In addition to promotions, you can also choose to attribute products and gifts to your Instagram followers. This is a great way to engage your audience and draw attention to your profile. Making these draws is simple, all you need is to use a rig that can help you. At AppTuts we even offer the Instagram giveaway rig, access the link to use it on the web!

8. Ask a controversial question

Controversy always generates buzz on social media and Instagram is no different. Always end your posts with a question that conveys that kind of sentiment, prompting your followers to pick up and fight for something that has gotten a lot of attention this week. Here’s an example I did on my Facebook but could easily be applied to Instagram:

Obviously, the fact that the question was a bit controversial helped spark more interaction.

9. Re-disclose content from other accounts on Instagram

Don’t just work on creating the best posts possible to get comments on Instagram, but also find posts from others that can be used on Instagram. When you post certain content on your Instagram, it is re-disclosed. Obviously, I’m not telling you to steal the content, but to share it by re-disclosing it. To do this, you need to use some proprietary app, as Instagram, unlike Facebook, does not have the option to share posts from other Instagrams. To get the hang of which one to use, check out our post on 8 apps to re-disclose.

10. Use Stories to get people to your posts.

Stories is a form of content that has been growing more and more on Instagram and it is almost mandatory to use it for your business. If you still don’t know what Stories are, I recommend you read this complete Stories Tutorial.

So one of the ways to use this content format is to make Stories and invite people to interact with a post you made on your account. See an example:

“Speak guys, I just released a post on my Instagram where I talk about . I would love to have your opinion. Come in and leave your comment! “

Remember that Stories only allow 15-second content, so be concise.

11. Make life on Instagram

Instagram lives are here to stay and you can also take advantage of them to provoke comments on your posts. In addition to the privileged position at the Instagram Stories counter, every time you do a live broadcast many of your followers receive a notification, which is insightful!

In this way, he alerts his fans that he is on lockdown, while encouraging them to participate in his broadcast through comments. On the other hand, Instagram has recently allowed you to do live broadcasts with two people at the same time, which is a great option to test your business.

Haven’t you done a live on Instagram yet? So check out this tutorial and start making your Instagram live streams right now!

12. Create posts that evoke emotions

Whether for fun, surprise or provocation, don’t skimp on the excitement multiplier when creating your posts. Users are more likely to engage with and comment on posts that elicit emotions from them, rather than just informative or overly neutral posts. Obviously, it must have some relationship to the content you normally post.

Not all posts need to be serious to recall emotions. One of the emotions that connects the most is mood. I recommend that you do not abuse it, if that is not your thing obviously, but use it from time to time. Here is a post that generated a lot of interaction on my Insta:

870 likes for a fully organic post. Nobody wrong for certain that he has 28,000 followers.

13. Videos with subtitles generate more engagement

Instagram is primarily a mobile social network. 99% of your accesses are made by cell phone. And when people use their smartphones, there’s one thing they don’t turn on: sound. Therefore, creating videos with subtitles is very important as it helps users to understand and interact with the content without having to turn on the sound. Unfortunately, the options of the applications to create videos and insert subtitles in a cyber way are still not many. For Android, for example, there are no options. If you use iOS, you have two good options: either Clips or the Clipomatic.

14. Share on Facebook

It may seem central, but it will help increase the number of comments: share your posts on Facebook! The two networks, belonging to the same company, are closely linked and you can take advantage of it under your auspices. Sharing the publication is very simple. Go to your post and click on the 3 dots:

Then click share:

Finally, select which Facebook to share on:

Note that before doing this, you must go to your account settings and leave everything connected between your Instagram and your profile or Fan Page.

Learn more about Instagram with AppTuts guides:

What are your strategies to overcome comments on Instagram?

Now that we offer our tips, it’s your turn to give tips and recommendations on our website: what are the best tricks and strategies to get Instagram comments and make your profile more attractive? Comment below, give your opinion and tell us what you think of the tricks that we share in this text!