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15 applications to make mosaics on Instagram

15 applications to make mosaics on Instagram

Looking for different ways to spread your photos on Instagram? Don’t worry, check out our inventory of 15 photo mosaic apps that will allow you to create the best montages. Most of the apps are completely free, allowing you to nominate from hundreds of templates and showcase your photos in a fun way.

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1.Instagram Design

The Layout app was developed and published by Instagram itself, made exclusively for users to make photo mosaics. Choose from its wide range of templates and select photos from the tunnel on your smartphone. Your creations can be viewed on mobile or shared directly on your Instagram profile or other social networks! The design is free and it is conditioned for iOS and Android!

2. Photo Grid: Photo Collage

With over 100 million downloads on Google Play alone, Photo Grid easily joins our inventory of Instagram tile apps. It allows you to use different types of predefined grid templates to create the tiles as you like. Additionally, Photo Grid even has several print run tools, being one of the most complete applications in the category. Download it gracefully for iOS and Android!

3. Photo Collage – Photo Editor

Pic Collage offers various photo editing tools and filters and even has tools that allow you to make mosaics. Use your templates and adjust your mobile phone tunnel photos in a stylish way. Pic Collage even allows its users to share their creations directly on social networks. It’s gracefully stop by the store for iOS and Android!

4. InShot – Photo Collage & Montage

InShot Photo & Collage Editor is one of the best for making mosaics. Choose from different existing templates, select photos from your phone’s tunnel, and even apply filters to each tile garter. The application is complete and has more than 10 million downloads. And to top it off, it’s hilarious! Download it right now for Android!

5. PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt is not only a great photo editor, it even allows you to create mosaics to spread on Instagram! The app is complete and has over 500 million installs. Its free interpretation is little limited, but considering the app’s ratings, PicsArt Gold is definitely worth it. download it to iOS and Android!

6. Collageable

Collageable is an excellent app for making mosaics. It offers over 300 templates in a variety of forms, making it one of the apps with the oldest of possibilities in its category. Create your mosaics using images from the tunnel on your smartphone and apply different types of filters, stickers and frames to make them even more stylish! Collageable is free and it is only conditioned for iOS, download it by link!

7. Blur and tile

Blur & Mosaic is an excellent application to make mosaics on Instagram. In addition to this function, it can even be used to blur parts of photos, being excellent for hiding people’s faces in the background of your photos, among others. The app offers 9 different tile styles and 4 grid templates that adjust the fullness and exposure of the tiles on the tile. It’s amusing and has great reviews on the App Store, download it right now for iOS!

8. Photo Collage Maker Pro

Create photo mosaics easily using Photo Collage’s simple and actionable interface. The app offers more than 120 templates and is very convenient to use. It also allows you to insert text and stickers into your montages, as well as share directly to social networks. Photo Collage Pro Editor is free and only for iOS!

9. Tile Pixelate Censorship Photo

Mosaic Pixelate is an app built primarily with a focus on censoring image areas, but it can even be used to mosaic Instagram. It offers 3 types of tools: Tile, Blur, Color. To create your mosaics, simply edit the intensity of the first useful and diligent! It’s a creative way to style your photos and the app is completely free. download it to Android!

10. Pic Jointer

Pic Jointer is one of the most popular mosaic maker apps on the App Store. It has more than 30 million users worldwide. The app offers more than 120 different frame styles and templates that can be satisfied with up to 9 photos at the same time. Additionally, you will even find stickers, filters and many more tools to customize your montages. It is gracefully and even offers a fee plan with more features. Access the store and download it to iOS!

11. Image Grid

Pic Grid is an act and complete application for creating photo mosaics. Be able to create cool collages in just seconds through its clean and easy to use interface. The app even provides stickers and text tools for you to customize your creations. It’s funny, it only has a few ads. download it to Android!

12. Photo tiling

Photo Mosaica can create Instagram mosaics from the tunnel photos on your smartphone. Additionally, it is even possible to share the photos on social networks easily directly from the application. It’s amusingly and it’s conditioned for iOS!

13. Photo Collage Editor

Photo Collagem Editor offers more than 40 tile templates for your creations. Choose one of the frames that you like the most and make excellent photo montages quickly and easily. The app even allows its users to share their creations directly on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks! It’s funny and it’s only conditioned for Android.

14.Pro Photo Mosaic Creator

Transform your photos into a secure premium quality non-overlapping tile with Pro Photo Mosaic Creator. Use the photos in the tunnel of your smartphone or in your Facebook, Instagram, Google, Dropbox or Flickr accounts. Pro Photo Mosaic even allows you to create videos on tile, as well as offering other customization options for your photos. Download it gracefully for iOS and Android!

15. Tile photographic genre

With Mosaic Photo Effects you can apply tile items or create them from photos in the tunnel of your mobile phone. Save your creations and share them directly on Instagram, Facebook and other social networks. Download it gracefully for Android!

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