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$199/mo for your full tech

$199/mo for your full tech

After a long, long time of patience, Tesla has finally officially aggressive his Complete autonomous driving service as autonomous driving technology in compatible vehicles. It is a monthly subscription with a cost of $199/month. But to what extent is a Tesla car capable of offering autonomous driving right now?

The functions of autonomous driving that Tesla offers with this new subscription service are several. The cyber circulation system with autonomous lane change, the autonomous parking system, Summon and the response to traffic lights and stop signs. But on the other hand, this will be the service that allows users of Tesla enjoy the autonomous driving level 5which is fully autonomous driving, as soon as the rollout of this functionality begins.

Tesla self-driving is paid: $199 per month for the subscription service

It was rumored last year that Tesla might ditch its self-driving system as a subscription service. And now, with the official emanation, the suspicions are confirmed. Initially, Elon Musk commented that he could get it at the end of last year and then indicated that it would arrive in early 2021, but its release has been delayed. until now.

Not only had the appearance of the subscription been delayed, but even interpretation v9, which is currently eligible as beta. Now, although only in some countries, Tesla has already aggressive this subscription service that can be activate from mobile and that it does not have any type of permanence commitment. It is to say, even from the Tesla application for mobile devices you can deactivate at any time quickly and easily.

Until now, Tesla had already offered many options for autonomous driving totally empty. But with the appearance of this subscription package, things change. And in the meantime, other manufacturers in the industry that offer similar self-driving technologies continue to offer them to their customers completely free of charge. However, considering this move by Tesla, it is possible that the software It will begin to play an essential role in the automotive industry in the coming years. And that, indeed, is standardized that autonomous driving is a subscription service on any mannequin of any brand.