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1×05: We talk about RAGE 2, DETROIT, Black Ops 4 and more

1×05: We talk about RAGE 2, DETROIT, Black Ops 4 and more

Good morning Sonyers! One more week we bring you the fifth chapter of our podcast, a program in which we talk about video games, our passion.

Once again we focus on the PlayStation News of the last days, with special detail to the most important and popular topics, maintaining the format of the past podcast although trying to have more debate this time, which is the sauce of any program.

Reviewing what arrives in May

In addition to reviewing the most outstanding news of the week, selecting the one that we consider most important, which is none other than RAGE 2a leaked ad that has raised great expectations.

We also reveal the titles that we are playing these days and some curiosity about them, and in the “Additional Content” section we talk about Detroit: Become Humanthe work of Quantic Dream that is just around the corner and also of Kingdom Hearts IIIa game that we have learned new information and gameplay this past week.

In the discussion section we talked about the lack of an individual campaign by Call of Duty: Black OpsIII, news that has not sat well with everyone despite the fact that it had been rumored for some time. For or against this measure?

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Once again we ask you to leave us your comments for suggestions, words of encouragement, fierce criticism, insults, and whatever you want. The podcast will evolve and we are already thinking of new sections and ways to make you participate.

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We have also uploaded the program to Ivoox, in case you prefer this platform, also very popular in video game podcasts. This is the link.

You can also listen to the program right here if you find it more comfortable. We hope you like it… and we’ll hear from you soon!: