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3 almost magical tricks or actions you can do with Google Lens

3 almost magical tricks or actions you can do with Google Lens

The big G is increasingly prioritizing Manufactured Intelligence in apps like Google Lens and that’s why We are going to show you 3 almost magical actions that you can do with this application.

If in fact even in Android 12 we will already have the possibility, we assume that in the Pixel and other mobiles, use the aspect of recent applications to be able to capture the text that we want to translate, we must be aware that with Google Lens we are going to have an app to have a good time. Go for it.

Capture text with the Google Lens camera

If we daily deal with texts on printed paper, we can capture them without having to print them or simply retouch them to obtain a better copy. And in fact, here are the 3 actions that will allow us to manage wonderfully with texts, documents and more.

Translate text from any site, network, app… with screenshot

the one we can take The screenshots with our mobile allows us to aspire or even translate text from apps that don’t allow it by default. An example would be Facebook or even a meme or comic that we have in the image and we want to translate it.

Let Lens do your homework for you

On the bottom tab of Google Lens We have a section dedicated to Lens that does your homework for you.. And pretty much what it does is ask questions and identify them with its AI to answer them with search results.

3 Almost Magical Google Lens Actions that when we know them they can save us a lot of time. Especially in document paperwork. In the event that a copy is passed to us in the same class, we can pull this app to transfer it to our mobile and print it after retouching or customizing it.

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