Jagex Games Studio announces three new heroes arming themselves in Block N Load starting Thursday, October 1, launching the game’s biggest update. So far, players of the team-based online first-person shooter, released for PC earlier this year, have enjoyed the eccentric roster of nine unusual heroes. This number is supplemented by three newcomers: Yury the Yeti, Kira-chan, and Vander Graaf. They’re ready to shake up the old guard with new moves, new attitudes and new tactics and will be rocking the blocks next week!

New characters and skills
Yury the Yeti: Hailing from the frozen wastes of Siberia, Yuri combines Cold War tactics with mountain equipment he found from a mutilated ski slope worker. (Hey, he just found it!) Armed with snowballs, the SnowThrower 6000 SUX, and the ability to summon an avalanche for his enemies, Yuri hopes for the time when perestroika and glasnost in Block N Load are over.

Kira-chan: This singing superstar uses destruction just like her lyrics, with flair. Rainbows and J-Pop are your new nightmare and you’ll long for a simple explosion or a well-aimed bullet. Kira-chan’s Kitty Launcher, which fires explosive cat hugs, SMG ‘Hidari & Migi’, and the ‘J-pop star’ ability, which turns any firefight into an over-the-top music video (giving her temporarily unlimited ammunition) showing that she’s determined to stay on top of the doll.

Vander Graaf: Master of electricity and disco dance moves, Vander Graaf is literally a walking dynamo. By making clever use of his Tesla Coils and Static Gloves, he can be shockingly effective in both offense and defense. Be sure to avoid his Lightning Cage ability as the results are electrocuting.

“The loyal Block N Load community has spent many months building our current lineup of heroes. They have built and destroyed millions of blocks and we are very happy with their feedback, enthusiasm and ideas. We’re excited to see what they think of Yury, Kira and Vander that will be available in-game starting next Thursday,” said David Solari, vice president of Block N Load. “The addition of new heroes to the current lineup is one of the biggest updates to Block N Load yet and we look forward to sharing all the information about it in the very near future!”

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