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4 stupid things to do with your little-known Android mobile

4 stupid things to do with your little-known Android mobile

You android mobile it can do so many things that it’s often hard to know them all. Today we have collected 4 android tricks very useful that anyone can do on their Android mobile and that not everyone knows. There are 4 functions or options that modify certain parts of the interface or improve the use of the device and help you to enjoy mobile more. We call them nonsense because they are extremely simple to try. Even being a lucky innovator, you may owe some function that you did not know until now.

Change wallpaper every 24 hours automatically

If any android mobile You have the possibility to change the wallpaper from time to time. Some customization layers offer it by default, but the easiest thing is to install an application. In this case we have chosen Google Wallpapers, one of the best applications to find wallpapers and that allows you to perform this function that we are talking about.

you simply must download it from google play, install it and go to any of the categories that the application has. Within these categories you can choose the first option so that the wallpaper is changed every day. Simple and very useful!

Do you know Android shortcuts? so they are

In Android we have been obtaining a function that more and more applications are using for years. The shortcuts they are a kind of path that allows users to save time when they want to go to a specific section of an application. You don’t have to activate anyone, just do a long press in an app on your desktop.

When you do, a small menu will be displayed where you will see different app options. Not all of them have this feature, but most of the well-known ones do. On YouTube, for example, you can go directly to the subscription section. If you get used to using it, it can be very useful and it couldn’t be easier.

Set an additional fingerprint on your device

Do you have a mobile with fingerprint unlock? Did you know that you can put more than one footprint? If you enter the security settings of your device and in the fingerprint section you will see that, most likely, it allows you to configure more than one fingerprint. Thanks to this you can have several fingers that unlock your device.

And yes, in these footprints you can do another person even has fingerprint pass. If you don’t mind your partner or a friend having a pass, he can set up a fingerprint so he doesn’t have to ask for permission to enter. Very few clan knows…

Change the size of the Google keyboard

It is very likely that you currently use the google keyboard to write on your Android mobile. It is one of the most complete keyboards, but it is not always to everyone’s whim. If you think that the keys are very small and you constantly make mistakes, you should know that there is an option for you.

Enter the keyboard settings and click on ‘Preferences’ and then enter ‘keyboard merit‘. Select a cusp plus inscription for the keyboard to overcome more space on the screen and more precise typing thanks to a more incline key size. You can also make it smaller…

These are the 4 stupid things to do on your Android mobile to improve its use. You can have more cyber customization, better control over the keyboard, and use the interface faster. They are Android tricks, options, functions or nonsense (call it what you want) that make using the device a little easier.