Anti-aging apps are becoming more and more popular on smartphones, but there are even good options to use on PC. This is even better for sticking with more robust apps or if you just prefer to do image edits on your desktop rather than on your mobile device.

This even gives you the superiority of using certain software with more options and tools available for manual printing. If you’re curious, you can check out our top tips in the list below. See everything in detail below!

1.Face app

Our first recommendation couldn’t help but be the Face app. It was their mobile translation that made apps popular again, so it makes sense that even desktop translation should be tried.

The app is not that different on PC from what we already know from smartphones. You can make your appearance look older, more youthful and try some different filters to change little about your face. It is possible to check and download the application on your computer through the link.

2. Old Face Maker

Our next suggestion is very simple to use, but has even fewer aging options than other apps. In this case, it positively only serves to make you or other people look older in the photos.

On top of adding wrinkles and other expression lines, you can even change your hair and put a beard or hair on your face if you want. The app is completely free and can be downloaded on PC via the link.

3. Change my face

Change My Face is a great option for those who want apps to age up on their PC without having to install from scratch. We say this because it can be used directly in your Internet browser on your computer.

Simply upload a photo of yourself (or your friends if you prefer) and add whatever aging merchandise you’d like. The process is possible, fast, and looks as good as other applications of this type. You can try the Change My Face demo for free via the link.

4. Oldify

Oldify is another app best known for its mobile translation, but it’s even PC-enabled. Best of all, after choosing the photo with the person you want to age, you can designate how many years you want to age.

So you can even use the app to make yourself more youthful if you want to vary it up a bit. The application is completely free and is just as possible to use on PC as it is on smartphones. You can check and download the application through the link.

5. Photoshop

This suggestion is more for those who already have little experience with printing applications or want to go with a little more manual. Instead of Photoshop simply applying an aging filter to your face, it gives you all the possible tools to make it how you want.

Of course, the process is more complicated, but you will hardly get such a custom and proportionately done result outside of Photoshop. The app is out of date, but there are free trials on the Adobe website. You can see more through the link.

Apps for aging on Android and iPhone

Do you like PC options, but even want to try old apps on your phone? So just check out our article with the best suggestions of these apps for Android and iPhone via the link.

You’ll find apps with aging and rejuvenation filters above the Face app. It’s worth checking out!

Did you like the apps getting old?

Did you take advantage of our relationship to know some of the best applications to age in photos on PC? Don’t forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of our suggestions and if you have any other apps you’d like to see around here.


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