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5 ways to clone any ANDROID app

5 ways to clone any ANDROID app

These apps allow you clone an app on android have multiple accounts or games on the same cell phone. You can mirror apps like whatsapp, instagramTelegram, etc and almost any mechanism with functions of PIN protection and cut off notifications.

Can execute multiple instances of the same application or mechanism. For example, a mechanism where you can bet with different strategies and defeat your opponent. The cloned applications run on a Different and independent environment.

Apps to Clone and have multiple accounts

parallel space

Parallel Space is an application that is proportionately made with simplicity and performance in mind. Parallel Space does it very well. You can clone any app you want to use.

Download | google play (Arbitrary + Announcements)

Parallel Space Lite

The light version allows you to clone any type of installed application or mechanism just like your regular version, only it does not include private installation and theme customization. The rest have the same functions mentioned above.

Download | google play (Arbitrary + Announcements)

dual space

Have multiple accounts for Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger or any mechanism on your Android mobile. All data is handled separately and simultaneously: files, notifications and data. In other words, you can run a parent and a child account independently. Dual Space is compatible with 99% of the best Android games.

Download | google play (Not busy)

multiple accounts

see also

It is the simplest application and exercise. It is fast and saves a good amount of set compared to other apps.

You can clone almost any app. Close to cloning, it also includes a task manager to optimize performance.

By clicking the cloned app icon, you can create a shortcut, edit the name, change the icon, and delete the app.

Download multiple accounts (Not busy)

Download 2Accounts (Not busy)

Unlike Parallel Space, the others don’t have password protection, but you can install one of the application to lock with PIN, pattern or fingerprint.