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6 Common Spotify Problems and How to Fix Them

6 Common Spotify Problems and How to Fix Them

Spotify is undoubtedly one of the best music streaming services that we can find today. Still, that doesn’t guarantee that it’s terrific or that it always works flawlessly. From time to time, it is very possible that you will encounter problems when using the application. The good communication is that the app doesn’t have so many issues and still gets a lot of updates. This by itself resolves most of the bugs and flaws that might appear. In case something like that happened while using it and you don’t know what to do, just check out our tape today. We’ve broken down some of the common Spotify problems and how you can easily solve them yourself!

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1. Various problems

Before whispering in depth about common Spotify problems, it is important to mention that most of them can be solved in very simple and similar ways. Of course that gap is resolved, we have some more specific resolutions in the topics below.

If the app crashes, if your playlists disappear, if the screen goes blank, if the songs won’t play or something like that, the first thing you should do is restart your smartphone. If that doesn’t work, see if Spotify has pending updates. A little as simple as an upgrade can fix many common bugs and problems. Ultimately, Spotify suggests that users simply reinstall the app as this could be the workaround for almost all possible issues with the service.

2. Spotify closes

This usually happens more in the official Android app, but it is one of the common Spotify problems. The first thing to be aware of is that your SD plastic may be having issues, extremely global bit and the main reason many newer smartphones don’t support them.

If so, try removing the SD card and see if Spotify works normally for a few hours. If you think this is the cause of the problems, the best thing to do is to format the SD card before putting it back in the device. If that doesn’t work, try reinstalling Spotify and keeping it up to date where possible, as this should minimize any issues with the app.

3. Can’t login with Facebook account on Spotify

One of the common problems of Spotify is the difficulty to connect with your Facebook account sometimes. In military, this can be due to authentication problems of the social network itself. Since this doesn’t depend much on Spotify itself, you can try it later.

Sometimes it’s a matter of luck, but waiting a few minutes and trying again can resolve the situation without major problems. Fortunately, you don’t need to worry as much about this, as it should resolve itself over time.

4. Premium features not working

One global thing that happens to Spotify users is when they try to use its premium features and fail. This basically includes off-grid mode, disabling of ads, music with better audio quality, etc.

Most likely, you are not logged into the correct account. Before asking how it is possible, just know that logging in with your Facebook account and your specific Spotify account are very different things and the premium features are only available for the account you have subscribed to.

Another possibility is that your credit plastic used to satisfy the subscription had a problem, but if so, you would have received an email notifying you of what happened.

5. Spotify does not allow you to append songs offline

As strange as it may be, you may not be able to listen to music offline even though you are a premium subscriber. This is one of the common Spotif problems. Fortunately, it can be easy to fix. The maximum number of songs that can be added in this mode is 3,333 thousand songs, so it is fictitious to outperform this ending.

If you have this problem, it is very possible that you have simply grabbed this amount, which is not difficult considering the number of songs available on Spotify. The best thing to do is delete some songs to make room for others.

6. Spotify won’t connect to Wi-Fi

Many users complain that sometimes Spotify just won’t connect to their Wi-Fi network. For those using the giveaway mode, this virtually renders the service useless. After all, it is not possible to listen to songs without a subscription.

This is also one of the common problems of Spotify. What we can propose is that this is caused by your own router or firewall settings.

This is so global and Spotify itself has specified how it is possible to configure your router so that the application works normally again. In military, they recommend that you research specific instructions on your type of router, since each case is different, but some general recommendations can be found at this link.

Common Spotify Problems Fixed?

So, were you able to follow our tips to resolve common Spotify issues or at least figure out what’s wrong with using it? So leave your comment saying what you think of our recommendations or if you have any questions!