A new trailer has arrived from the game of Konami football, during which a brand new graphics engine will work. In the video, the novelties are scrutinized.

Konami wants to overthrow the EA Sports football series this year, so they decided to make radical changes when they embarked on the Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 development. One such change is the new graphics engine, the choice fell on the Fox Engine, which displays players as well as stadiums in amazing detail. We can also expect a number of refinements and innovations in the gameplay. What has happened in the FIFA series for a couple of years now is happening here, we can control the players 360 degrees in the new part, and our room for maneuver is also significantly expanded compared to last year. Physical modeling of ball movement will also be much more meticulous. Artificial intelligence will respond to every move a player makes, both on the side of teammates and opponents. In the new part, the atmosphere of the team will play a particularly important role. The emotional state of the players will be affected by the audience as well as the coaching manifestations, so we will really feel the difference between a home and away match. Throws and free kicks also get a new solution.
Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 also shows the above in a brand new trailer on the go. We can expect its release in September on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


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