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6 Ways to Run Android Games on PC

6 Ways to Run Android Games on PC

If one day the only thing we could entertain ourselves on our cell phones was the popular Snake (or game of snakes as everyone called it), today smartphones and tablets already have very impressive exclusive games that are even compared to console and computer games.

The problem is that not everyone has a powerful enough device to run some games that require more processing power. But it is convenient simple to solve this, there are already some ways to run games and applications on your computer.

This ends up being practical, even encouraged by Google to help developers test their creations faster and easier. If you want to cultivate yourself to do this, here are 6 super simple ways to run Android games on your PC!

1. Install BlueStacks on your computer

The easiest way of all is to install the BlueStacks software (Click here to download it!). It’s basically an Android rival and you can even go to the Google Play store to download the apps and games you want, just like you would on a smartphone or tablet.

The interface is super simple to use and you won’t see much of a difference between using it and a regular Android device.

2. Install the Android SDK

If you want unofficial, your best option is the Android SDK. This is the official rival created by Google so that game and application developers can work on their projects.

The problem is that it is not as intuitive as BlueStacks, because it is not made for common users. The software can be a bit phlegmatic and monotonous to set up, so think twice before nominating the SDK. Anyway, it’s a good way to run Android games on PC and do it just click here and download it!

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3. Use Genymotion

After BlueStacks, Genymotion is considered as the best alternative for ordinary Android users to play games on their PCs. The software impresses with the speed and features it offers, approaching a genuine Android experience. You can download it via this link!

4. Use your internet browser

If you don’t want to install null on your computer, there is a simple way to solve this: Manymo is a rival that works directly on your rival and doesn’t need to be installed or configured to work.

5. Use Android X-86

Android X-86 is like a computer translation of Android, playing the same role as Windows or Linux, for example. It doesn’t work on many computer models as it is still developing slowly.

It is more recommended for those who want to try different things, so if you just want to play a simple game on your PC, there is not much reason to download the system, which can be found at this link.

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6. Wear Android Live

Live Android is also an operating system to be used on PC. Like Android X-86, it has interesting and convenient features, but we also recommend it for more experienced users. You can download it from this link!

Still see a video from our Youtube channel that can help with this topic:

Do you see how feasible it is to run Android games on your PC?

Well, options abound! In the end, the best experience for a casual geek will always be BlueStacks, but it’s always good to consider other options if needed. So, are you already enjoying your Android games on your PC?