We know that Google Play is the official store of android apps, but it often does not allow you to download certain applications to your device. Either because the app is not localized for your region, or because you think your device, even recent phones like the Galaxy A8+, doesn’t support it. Whatever the reason, it’s always good to have options from other stores that officially sell or make these apps available.

On the other hand, many stores end up offering term applications at much cheaper prices or even inappropriate during certain periods. Our goal with this article is to show you alternative options to Google Play.

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But before proceeding, you will need to enable your device to be able to install apps from other stores. To do this, go to your settings and look for the “Security” option. There, you will see the “Alternate s” option, which should be activated as in the image below:

So, without further ado, check out some of the best Android app stores for anyone looking for an alternative to Google Play. Always remember to check that the applications are safe, even if the stores do everything possible to ensure their safety, it is good to be vigilant when using any platform other than the official Android platform.

1. Amazon App Store

This is the most popular and used alternative for Android apps as it offers pretty much the same content as Google Play and almost always offers huge discounts on paid apps.

Sometimes the Amazon app store even includes dozens of paid apps and games that you can download for free for a period of time. You can download the app from virtual store in this link and start downloading your apps!

2. ApkMirror

ApkMirror is also very popular among Android users, especially those who want to test versions and updates of applications that sometimes take a while to delay Google Play.

Unlike Amazon, ApkMirror does not have an app just for you to download apps directly from your device. You will still be able to assign the site with all the Android apps via this link. With the files in hand, simply drop them into a dilemma folder on your device (either internal memory or a malleable SD) and click on them to begin the installation.

If you are having difficulty installing your apps downloaded via ApkMirror, we have a comprehensive guide that can help you not only do this, but also upgrade apps outside of Google Play.


The name might sound strange, but it made sense at the time that Android didn’t even exist and apps could be found in Jar format. As you can imagine, this is basically the oldest app store on the internet.

You can check the available Android applications directly through the website, which can be accessed at this link. If you prefer, there is still an unofficial app from the store (which can be downloaded here), but it works fine for its purpose.


If the apps you like are alwaysm paid, AppBrain is a great alternative to get them officially for free. The developers of these premium apps usually allow their apps to be downloaded for free for a period of time, and in return AppBrain advertises them on the internet.

You can assign to the website through this link or even download the official app from the store clicking here!

5. Aptoid

Another popular alternative, Aptoide offers even more free term app options (even more than AppBrain). The design is very subtle, to the point of being compared to an official Google application.

On the website, the experience is very smooth and intuitive (as you can see through this link) and in the official app couldn’t be different. Among all those mentioned in this inventory, Aptoide is undoubtedly the most interesting alternative for those who like the design and functionality of Google Play.

6. Opera mobile store

Opera is one of the oldest and most widely used mobile browsers to date, but the best thing is that it offers a bisector store with a large number of Android applications available.

It may not be the most comfortable or the best experience, but you can find almost anything there. You can download the Opera app through this link. Well, there are no more excuses to stop downloading all the apps you want, whether inside or outside of Google Play!


SlideMe is another great option among alternatives to Google Play, with a large community of users who share data and decomposition about applications on its page. Its applications section includes several categories that facilitate faster navigation between the options.

A difference that makes SlideMe an excellent alternative is that all the applications located in your data cushion go through a rigorous quality control process, so there is much less chance that any application installed there is malicious or causes problems for your users. users. Access the official website through the link!

Also find on AppTuts:

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