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7 Ways to Schedule Posts on Instagram


7 Ways to Schedule Posts on Instagram

Many years later, we can finally officially schedule Instagram posts! This was a long-awaited novelty by users of the social network.

There is still some progress, of course. For now, only users with a Facebook Business Manager account can do this type of programming natively. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to schedule posts on Instagram.

After all, it is very inconvenient to set alarms just to spread a post idea that is already done. Especially for the most forgetful, who may accidentally miss a post and end up falling behind their competitors in the Instagram operation.

So, make sure you avail yourself of this Instagram novelty and see below how to schedule posts on Instagram natively. On the other hand, discover other applications that you can still use to make appointments.

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1. Facebook Creative Studio

It is not yet possible to use the Instagram app to schedule posts, as we discussed at the beginning of the article. On the other hand, you can schedule posts through Facebook’s Creative Studio, which is accessed via the link.

It’s worth mentioning that you must have a Facebook fan page, still great for those who want to leverage Facebook wealth, linked to your Insta profile in order to use Creative Studio. If you already have one, just click on the Instagram icon and go to the pin connect your account:

Then click on the pin create post and choose if you want to schedule posts on Instagram in the feed or on IGTV;

write the caption, bookmark the post location and send your content from files on your computer or from Facebook;

Then click on the arrow next to the pin. Announceoption Calendar, set the time and hour of publication. Then click on the pin Calendar that it will appear in the same district where the publication was;

Tip: See more details about Facebook Creative Studio in this article!

2. Grow social

Closing out the series with 10 ways to schedule Instagram posts, we have Grow Social. This manager allows you to schedule content for your feed or Stories, like in the example above. On the other hand, it has detailed reports on your publications.

Among other features, we highlight automatic interactions, with filters by hashtags, genres, locations and competitors. You can also send automated messages to new followers. One of the benefits of Grow Social is its trial period, which gives you 3 days FREE!

So click the link to join Grow Social now!

3. Success

Just because you can schedule Instagram posts natively doesn’t mean you should leave Instagram apps out of the picture. Especially if you’re already familiar with some of them and need to program Stories, something that Creative Studio doesn’t do yet.

Bume is one of these tools and offers a 5-day free trial when you sign up. After registering, simply connect your Instagram account and click Schedules in the menu on the left and click on the pin new publication.

Choose whether you want to schedule a post to feed or Stories (scheduling for IGTV is not possible). For example, we choose to schedule stories.

Send the image of the publication, remembering that it is not possible to send videos through Bume. Then, message the time and time of publication and click schedule stories for it to be programmed successfully.

Did you find it interesting? Sign up now via the link and enjoy the FREE trial period!


If you correctly focus on automated interactions, Scalehot is still great for scheduling posts to your Insta feed. With it, you can create your content calendar and always be publishing posts.

Apart from scheduling posts, Scalehot allows you to automatically follow users, like posts and view Stories, simply by setting up a few filters. It also allows you to send automatic messages to your new followers and reports on the growth of your profile.

Want to take in more about Scalehot? Then access the link now to register and enjoy 7 days FREE trial!


Similar to what Gerenciagram and Bume do, Perforgram still allows you to schedule posts to your Instagram feed or Stories. The platform is one of the most complete for those who need to schedule Instagram posts and fully manage their profile.

It brings several filters intended for automation. That is to say, you can set automatic interactions by concurrent profiles, hashtags and location. These options can be filtered to avoid foreign users, restrict searches to commercial profiles and the possibility of answering directly from the computer.

Perforgram offers a guarantee of 15 days, which allows you to demand the return of your assets if your profile does not grow internally within this period.

Click the link to register now!

6. SocialGram

It also allows you to schedule posts on Instagram and Stories, SocialGram is an alternative with several functions to improve your use of the social network.

In addition to schedules, you can use SocialGram to follow and like profiles based on hashtags, locations, and concurrent users. These searches can still be segmented by type. The platform still allows sending automated messages to new followers.

Click the link to try Social FREE for 3 days!

7. mLabs

mLabs is a Brazilian tool for managing social networks developed to solve the lives of those who work with social networks. Through it, it is possible to do more than schedule publications for Feed, Stories and IGTV, mLabs offers means such as:

In addition to the specific features of Instagram, the useful one has features such as: custom graphics and reports, editorial calendar, competition monitoring, delegation of private messages, among others.

Schedule posts for multiple profiles and different social networks with just a few clicks. Take a 7-day free trial!

What is the best way to schedule posts on Insta?

What did you think of the different ways to schedule posts on Instagram? Which do you think is better for you? Take advantage of the free trial period of the tools to find out!