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8 Best Tools to Post on Instagram from PC

8 Best Tools to Post on Instagram from PC

For social media professionals, it’s essential that they be able to work quickly, avoiding having to switch devices every time they post to Instagram. The social network does not allow the publication of posts from the computer, it is necessary to create the post on the smartphone. Without hijacking, there are a number of services that allow you to spread on Instagram from your PC, streamlining the work and still allowing you to schedule posts.

Scheduling posts is one of the best ways to have consistency on the social network, which is essential among the strategies to gain more followers on Instagram. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best tools to spread on Instagram from your PC!

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Running in any web browser on PC, Scalehot brings a tool to schedule posts and propagate Instagram from PC.

Like the sites that show up on top of post scheduling, Scalehot still allows for automated interactions and template creation for automated dropships.

Try Scalehot FREE for 7 days by clicking the link and registering.

2. Boom

Another app that is slightly different from the search and cyber interaction goal to increase your number of followers on Instagram, but contains features that help your profile grow is Bume, a platform to propagate on Instagram from PC.

In it, you can allocate photos and videos that will be part of your publication, write the caption and include hashtags. The interesting thing about the tool is that it includes a limiter of characters and hashtags, that is to say, it indicates if your text is about to reach the auction established by Instagram or other social networks such as Linkedin, Twitter or Google My Business.

On the other hand, it issues reports on the growth of your profile and allows you to send automatic messages.

Take the FREE trial of Bume for 5 days in a row by registering at the link!

3. Grow social

Grow Social, a cyber engagement app on Instagram, still allows you to schedule posts from your dashboard. This means that, on top of being able to filter searches and interactions (likes and follow profiles of hashtags and competitor users), you can use the software to propagate on Instagram from your PC.

On the other hand, Grow Social still shows reports of growth in your number of followers.

Discover Grow Social by registering and trying it for 3 days for FREE by accessing the link!

4. Participate

Still focusing on automated interactions, it allows you to set follow and like actions according to hashtags and locations chosen by you. You can still create message templates that are sent to new followers.

On the scheduling side, Engaji makes it possible to schedule posts to your feed or your Insta Stories. All this accompanied by reports to assimilate how much engagement you are getting with your posts.

Access the link to meet Engaji and use the coupon larrossa to get a 10% discount!

5. mLabs

mLabs is one of the most viable options among the tools to spread to Instagram from PC. Although not free, the tool comes at a very affordable price and a variety of features that will help you organize and propagate your posts and stories right from your computer. More information about the other functions of mLabs by accessing the link. The platform offers a free trial week.

6. Post grain

Unlike previous apps, Postgrain’s goal is to favor the delegation of your Instagram. In other words, scheduling Instagram posts is the main feature of this platform. Designed to serve digital marketing agencies, you can create multiple users for your profile. Along with that, Postgrain still allows you to schedule Stories and repost comments and addresses without leaving the platform. Access the link to learn more about Postgrain.

7. Buffer

A free Instagram post scheduling tool, Buffer is a social media delegation tool. It is to say, it is still possible to create publications for Facebook and Twitter, among others. On Instagram, you can create feed-only posts and they must be a single image or video.

Buffer still has a built-in intelligence system that checks the times your posts receive the ripe ticket and creates a calendar automatically. Click the link to consent to the Buffer and get started using it.

8.Hoot Suite

Directly competing with Buffer, Hootsuite was one of the first apps to take care of multiple social media accounts. It is the one that allows the programming of publications in a large number of networks, including Instagram. In addition to allowing you to propagate on Instagram from your PC, Hootsuite allows you to manage content to share and track topics and keywords of interest to your business. See more about Hootsuite through the link.

9. later

Arranged as if it were a calendar, Later is one of the best applications to propagate on Instagram from the PC, since it allows you to make the status of the publications you made on Instagram in real time. It still makes it very tame to change days and times. Another feature is cyber scheduling, where you can set days and times in advance and just worry about putting posts up your ***. More information about Later by accessing the link.

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Do you usually spread on Instagram from your PC or just use your smartphone?

Now that you know some sites and services that allow you to propagate on Instagram from your PC, we believe that your life will be easier and you will not waste so much time making a post on the limited screen of your mobile. Have you used any of them before? Which one are you currently testing? Comment with us and leave your opinion!