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8 free applications to see your mobile on your PC


8 free applications to see your mobile on your PC

For many users, view mobile on pc It allows them to increase productivity, especially when working prostitution. However, for many others, it is a way to use applications available only on our mobile, such as WhatsApp, comfortably from our computer.

As technology has reformed, users have become more dependent on the smartphonesince this allows us to perform any energy that we may need, from taking a photo, recording a video, sending an email, checking bank accounts, making video calls … as well as calls (obviously).

When interacting with our smartphone remotely, we must take into account what type of use we want to make: use applications and have them displayed on the screen or order the habitable content inside, since Not all applications allow us to perform both functions.


With this almost unpronounceable name, we have a fantastic application with ample code that allows us to view the screen of our smartphone on a PC with Windows, Linux and even macOS.

Unlike other applications that allow us to interact with the content on the screen, with scrcpy it only shows what is seen on the screen, we can not use the applications that we have installed on the mobile device.

This app is ideal if you want to record your smartphone screen from PC without having to install any application on the smartphone. The only but is that we must use Android Debug Bridge (ADB), an application that we can download from this link.

We also have to activate USB debugging, previously unlocking the developer options. Finally, we must install this application by following the detailed instructions. The connection done wirelesslyso the two devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.


Thanks to AllCast, we can reverberate on our computer equipment through a browser the screen of our smartphone. If we still want to record the screen, we will have to download the app from their website.

AllCast does not allow us to control the device from the PC as other applications would allow us to do, but if the purpose is to view the content on a larger screen, this option completely fugitive It is more than enough.


If we talk about the possibility of viewing the mobile on the PC, be it Windows, Linux or macOS, we have to talk about one of the oldest applications on the market: AirDroid. Unlike other solutions, when connecting our smartphone to the computer, it shows its own missing interface that has to do with the smartphone customization layer.

However, if it allows us to accept each and every one of the applications that we have installed on the computer, then if we want to use WhatsApp or other applications that are only available for a smartphonewe can do it with this app.

Communication takes place in a wireless over smartphone IPso the two devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

No need to install any app on the computer, since the attack is carried out through any browser, entering the IP of the smartphone that the AirDroid application shows us once we have installed it on the device.


Mobizen is an application that also allows us to view our mobile on the PC, without seizure, its main function is to record the screen of our smartphone. To do this, we have to install an app on both our mobile device and Windows PC (there is no translation for other operating systems).

In addition to viewing the screen on our PC, we can also order all the content stored on our smartphone. It works wirelessly over an IP, just like AirDroid. More than 3 million users and an average rating of 4.3 stars endorse this app completely free.


An application that allows us to view the mobile on the PC, without frills and that is also compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux and any browser is Vysor, a completely free application that allows us to connect our smartphone to the PC via cable, as well there is no delay that if we can find it in connections via wifi.

In order to use this application, we need to activate USB debugging through the developer options. Once connected the smartphone via USB to the computer, open the app and click the View switch.

Your Microsoft phone

One of the best applications currently available on the market to see the screen of our smartphone on our computer, interact with it and, on the other hand, accept all its content is Your Microsoft Phone, an application that works hand in hand with a Samsung smartphone, unless related to see the screen on our computer.

If we have a Samsung smartphone, we can use the Your Microsoft Phone app to control the device completely from our computer, which allows us to clarify applications installed on the phone and interact with them without physically touching the smartphone.

If you have any of the Samsung smartphones, or later models, which I detail below, you can use this function:

We just need to install the Your Phone Companion app (it is usually installed natively), clarify the app settings Your phone on Windows and pair the two devices.

If you don’t have a Samsung smartphone, you can use this app to accept to livable content on smartphoneBe it messages, photos, videos or even making phone calls.


A very interesting possibility when it comes to reverberating the content of the screen of our smartphone on the PC, Windows or macOS, is 5KPlayer, a completely free application that It does not require the installation of any software on the mobile device.

This application is also a video player, compatible with all the most used formats today, included MKV. It also allows us compatibility with DLNA, it works wirelessly through a Wi-Fi network and, as if that were not enough, it also allows us to download videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo…


If what you need is stability and reliability when it comes to viewing your mobile on the PC, regardless of the manufacturer, one of the best solutions is found in the AirServer application, an application that does not force us to install any application on the smartphone, I just have to install an app on PC from Microsoft Store and on Mac from the Mac App Store.

This application allows us to duplicate the content of our smartphone screen on the computer, making it an ideal application to register our games, make tutorials, view the content of our smartphone on a larger screen

Even if the application is paid, we can use it for 30 days completely free of charge, more than enough time to assess whether it is really worth paying for it. If you need to use this functionality very frequently, the almost 40 euros it costs, you will quickly amortize it with the time you save.