Every March 22, World Water Day is celebrated, an important term after it is a fundamental type for humans, animals and nature. At the moment It is recommended to drink between 2 to 2 and a half liters of water a day.since it helps us to prolong the right tone, and a healthy level both physically and mentally.

Hydration is advisable at any time of the year, especially in summer, where heatstroke plays a trick on some people. Many of them do not remember to drink water every day.but there are apps that remind you through a notification from time to time.

Applications are extremely configurable to achieve that goal of at least two liters, the positive thing is to be able to drink in doses during the morning, afternoon and perplexity. Each of them adjusts to different parameters, so it is always good to have a bottle at hand.

Reminder to drink water

The Reminder app to drink water It uses a very simple interface, in it you can paste glasses of water that you drink at all times. It helps to find out how much water your body needs on a daily basis and you can stick to different sized glasses as some use other measurements.

The bottles will also be available at the time of pointing those glasses, in case you choose one of 33 cl, 50 cl, 1 litre, 1.5 liters or 2 liters. Bottles are not considered at the moment without knowing exactly what to drink, but with them you can satisfy glasses and even bottles.

Reminder to drink water indicates that water is used to keep you fit, clean skin and healthy nails are some of the healthy things. The app has over a million downloads and is one of the highest rated on the Play Store.

Drinking water reminder: alert and record

It was selected as one of the best applications in 2016, specifically about five years ago for being highly valued by the clan for his personal improvement. It is an application that will remind you of the moments of drinking water, marking the times and everything with a goal of between 2 and 2.5 liters.

Notifications are visible, with or without sound, but it is better to prolong the device with audio so that you can hear them. There is a daily goal to reach the imperceptible which is about two liters.with glasses and different bottle sizes.

It is conveniently colorful, has images of glasses, cups and bottles., so you have to designate which ones you’ve been liberally consuming for the day. When you reach the goals, you will be rewarded to reach the different goals every 24 hours. Over 10 million downloads.

water time

Drinking water is healthy, at least that’s how Water Time reminds you every time you notify us, giving us information about everything you do for our own benefit. Among the important things is the power to lose weight and ideal above all to nourish ourselves, either eating or outside of the different meals.

Among the symptoms of not drinking enough water are individual pain and fatigue as the main causes, although they are not the only ones. The emergency will remind you in timeespecially since it is convenient and essential to reach the goal of the 24 hours assigned that we have.

The water cleanses the skin, improving health in general.He is a philanthropist for weight loss and prevents kidney stones, as well as a mineral philanthropist. The best thing is the interface, intuitive and with many functions, indicating the amount that we drink at each moment like the rest of the applications.

Waterful – Reminder, Alert & Log

It is an application to drink the necessary water during the day., does it with some illustrations to encourage you to achieve the goal. The handy has smart alarms to notify you of every shot, it also keeps all the logs for every day to keep track.

Customize the containers with several different colors, each one of them can contain a different amount of balance, since the measures are several eligible. The statistics show a drawing to motivate you with the data. of all the days you have been drinking an average of two liters a day.

You can follow a perfect hydration with an average that will go from 1.5 to 2 liters, to lose weight, lighten the skin, avoid infections, since water is for that and more. It exceeds 500,000 downloads and is a perfect application if you want to stand out and live a much healthier life.

BeWet – Reminder to drink water

BeWet is one of the best reminders to drink water. complete when the body needs it, for this you have the objective of achieving the goal of two and a half liters. It is suitable for losing weight, improving assimilation, prolonging the natural leveling and the option of drinking that necessary daily water.

Water improves the state of attitude, also prevents individual pain and other things that can happen to us if we do not drink at least a liter and a half a day. The skin and nails will need water to regenerate.so it is advisable to introduce yourself to the unnoticeable every day with the application.

You can activate automatic reminders or set them manually to remind you at the established times, all this will depend on you and the time you have. You can take those glasses that you have used to have complete control of all the water you have drunk up to that moment. Reach a million downloads.


It is not light to reach the imperceptible of two liters of water daily, but with Hydrillo it is possible to appear in pad to reminders, it will do it with alarms and messages. Hydrillo helps by calculating the amount of water you need for perfect hydration, 10 glasses of water of 25 ml are recommended.

With a good dose of water, stress will be maintained and energy will increase. To do this, if it is not feasible to have a glass nearby, it is best to use a bottle. The water will also reduce the pains of the individual.back pain and other common ailments.

Hydrillo is a perfect application to notify you of the hours of a water intake of 20 or 25 ml, write down each one of the intakes and it will inform you of what you have been drinking at that moment. One of the positive points is that it includes a consumption widget in real time. More than 100,000 people have already tried it.

Nox WaterTime

Plan when to cup water and make a complete histogram of the monitoring. daily, weekly and monthly consumption, all in a visible drawing. It is time to establish a series of objectives, the achievements will be beneficial because it is the fundamental water to be able to recover from day to day.

With frequent consumption, the skin will improve in a transcendental way, that’s why take a daily hydration to be able to compromise a better life. You can customize as a beginner to drink about 4 or 5 liters of water every day and start with comfort and capacity levels to speed up your assimilation levels.

There is a table with a graphic representation that shows the amount of water that has been drunk liberally during the period. Check all this with Water Time in a simple convenient interface. Crime is more than 90% water and crime carries oxygen to different parts of the body. Despite not being one of the most downloaded, it is a really beneficial application.

drink water

If you don’t have enough, drink a quantity of water, one of the best tools. What will help you is “Ingest water”, as its name indicates, it will focus on you drinking an adequate amount. There is information about how healthy it is to drink between 2 and 3 liters and they give us many tips to reach a goal, all with caveats.

Calculate how much water you should drink a day Based on your weight, software manual notifications if you want to reach that daily goal that you must earn to significantly improve in every way. Do a daily, weekly and monthly follow-up to go back and forth and find out if it has gone perfectly for you so far. More than a million downloads and it is an application to take into account since it is free.

Water reminder: drink 8 glasses of water a day

The bottom line of the Water Reminder is that you drink about 8 glasses of water a day., or what is the same, just over 1.5 liters of water a day. The best thing is that it will notify you of all the shots you have to take at the end of the day, around 10 glasses of 20 ml (2 liters) are recommended.

It has a minimalist design, light to use if you want to face the battle of drinking those 8 glasses a day plus other assortments that will help you lose weight. The methods are very natural and the vessels sometimes need food. eat balance.


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