The promising MMO could also arrive on a PC platform.

After the Halo series, Bungie embarked on a grandiose project again when it created the Destiny world. They set themselves no less a goal than to become the most interesting new series of games for the next 5-10 years. Based on the details known so far, they have every chance to do so. At the end of the new trailer, we learn that we can expect a gameplay demo as part of E3 on June 10, but what’s even more exciting is the rumor about a possible PC version. Speaking to IGN, Eric Osborne added:
“We haven’t said yes or no to the opportunity yet. The more platforms we make on something, the more work there will be on the game and by no means do we want this to the detriment of the gaming experience. We have a lot of PC players who can’t wait for the opportunity, to immerse yourself in the universe of Destiny. We don’t have anything to announce yet, but we can talk about that in the future. ”

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How about the PC version? Would there be enough interest in a game of this caliber?


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