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A PS4 Pro + ‘God of War’ bundle is listed

A PS4 Pro + ‘God of War’ bundle is listed

The Bulgarian seller Ozone published a new entry on its website about a limited edition pack that would contain a PlayStation 4 Pro and the new God of War game. The entry was deleted shortly after appearing, but they weren’t quick enough that someone didn’t take a screenshot.

Sony has not given an official announcement about this but we wouldn’t be surprised if it did. God of War is one of the great exclusive PS4 releases that are scheduled for this year and the company has a tendency to create packs with the most anticipated games. Why not make one with this highly anticipated title from Sony Santa Monica?

Of course, we will inform you as more news appears, but it would certainly be a great attraction for those who have not yet decided to make the leap to the latest Sony console.

In other God of War news, Cory Barlog has confirmed that the game will feature optional bosses to the surprise and delight of fans.

God of War will be on sale on April 20 exclusively for PlayStation 4, and how could it be otherwise will have several special editions.