When Jobs and Woz first created Apple I they would never have imagined the great success it would have and continues to have after many years. It looks like a user is going to auction a rare working Apple I with original box next month in Germany.

Early estimates state that the computer could sell for between $ 300,000 – $ 500,000 thanks to the original packaging and perfect functionality of the product.

The unit is number 46 of the batch of 50 Apple products initially and comes with the original operation manuals, cassettes and a signature from Woz that has clogged each of the machines by hand.

While we’ve seen quite a few Apple I being auctioned, this is the only one that has the original box that matches that of a rare photo of Apple I boxes stacked in Steve’s bedroom at his parents’ house. parents, where Steve and Woz started their operations.
The auction will open in Breker on November 16th and we won’t be surprised to see the price of this Mac soar.


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