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  5. A sensor inserted into the tooth will help us improve our eating habits

A sensor inserted into the tooth will help us improve our eating habits

A sensor inserted into the tooth will help us improve our eating habits

National researchers from Taiwan University have recently invented a sensor to apply to the teeth, thanks to which we will be able to monitor our oral health and communicate all information to our dentist.

The sensor, still in the testing phase, measures one centimeter and can be incorporated into an artificial tooth or inserted into a capsule.

For now, the tooth sensor transmits information over a cable connection, but the Taiwanese research team plans to add a small battery and a Bluetooth transmitter to transmit the readings wirelessly to a smartphone.

The system uses an accelerometer to check the movements of the mouth, it will recognize if we are chewing, drinking, coughing, smoking or talking. The sensor has been specially designed to record and interpret these movement patterns and therefore be able to identify any activity.

For the time being, the dental sensor has been tested on eight subjects, five males and three females, each asked to perform different tasks, which included reading, drinking, chewing or coughing, for a total of 60 activity samples. .

The samples helped create a movement profile of the subjects’ mouths, thus allowing the sensor to correctly identify the activity in progress, with an accuracy rate of 93.8%.

In addition to having to incorporate a rechargeable battery and a Bluetooth sensor, scientists will also have to find a way to calibrate the sensor for each individual, as each person’s mouth movements are different.

If successful, the device can be used to closely monitor the oral health of the affected individual and to pass information on oral habits to their doctor.

So, if you are not sticking to your diet or if you have promised to quit smoking, but are trying to get away with the excuse of “a cigarette every now and then”, the sensor will help you by monitoring your habits and transmitting all information directly to your smartphone.