A couple of days ago a legatee went viral on networks by transmitting a couple of photographs of his Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro fire. The legatee indicated in his publication that the device was as old as a few months, that it belonged to his brother and that started smoking for no conspicuous reason. It is not the first smartphone to explode and it will not be the end, but in this case it seems that It is not the fault of the manufacturerbut the legatee himself. We already told you that it is not little for natural fault, although among the millions of devices in the world there are a few that do suffer from this problem.

Who has the fault that the Redmi Note 9 Pro caught fire?

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro has been on the market for a long time and there have been few to no reported fire cases. This rules out that it is a military problem with the device or that it has any component that causes this fire.

The legatee has not given too many explanations, but it seems that he sent the device to the crown of Xiaomi for exploration. The company has now published that the fire was caused by improper use by the legatee. That’s it it is not fault of Xiaomi or from the device itself: the terminal was admissible and some stranger caused the problem.

The case is not yet closed and Xiaomi has not said what caused the fire, it has simply said that the cause was caused by the legatee. Now we have to wait, because the inappropriate use of a device is not covered by insurance and it is unknown if the legatee will receive another terminal.

Don’t worry, your Redmi Note 9 will not explode or catch fire

You may wonder, but no, you Redmi Note 9 is admissible and not in danger. It is very unlikely that a smartphone, whatever the model, will explode or burn. The Redmi Note 9 Pro has been on the market for enough months to prove that it is not an explosive or fire-prone smartphone.

Why does a mobile catch fire or explode?

The most delicate part of a smartphone is its pots. If it is bumped, punctured, or swollen, it may be prone to catching fire, causing the terminal to burn. It is a very dangerous little thing that on some occasions has caused entire houses to burn, but that, we repeat, is very unlikely.

There are several reasons why a the mobile can burn or explode, but most likely a charging related hardware or charging error. A faulty connector or a poor quality charger can cause short circuits and Serious problems while recharging the mobile.

You should not be afraid to use a charger of another brand or with more power, because if it is of quality, the smartphone will regulate the power it needs and the charger will not deliver more than necessary. You can rest easy: your mobile will not catch fire if you use a different charger to the innovator as long as it has a minimum quality.

Another reason a kettle catches fire is because its internal plates touch each other. This can cause a short and a prison reaction. Putting the device under constant pressure or bending it can cause the bowl to suffer and its cells to end up touching each other.

Following these tips will further reduce the chances of fire on your mobile and you will not have any problems with it. We don’t know the legatee’s reason yet, but using a poor quality charger or faulty connector seem like feasible reasons.


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