Flying among the pigeons on Dam Square, passing under the Rijksmuseum at high speed and zigzagging between the boats on the Amstel. And all this from a roller coaster cart. Impossible? No more from June 23. From Wednesday, visitors can take a seat on this crazy roller coaster on the Amsterdam VR Ride, part of A’DAM VR Game Park with A’DAM Lookout as a boarding point.

After nightclub Shelter had to temporarily close its doors due to the corona measures, the team of the A’DAM Toren decided to give the basement a new temporary interpretation. The club’s dance floor was transformed into the Netherlands’ largest VR game park with the most advanced games of the moment. The pop-up turned out to be such a great success that A’DAM VR Game Park will now have a permanent place in the A’DAM Tower next to Shelter. To celebrate this, the virtual reality park is launching a brand new, custom-built attraction: Amsterdam VR Ride.

Amsterdam VR Ride – The Ultimate Rollercoaster Experience

The world’s best game developers developed a unique and breathtaking new attraction especially for A’DAM VR Game Park. Visitors take a seat in a roller coaster cart, put on VR glasses and find themselves in a lifelike roller coaster ride right through Amsterdam. Something that seems impossible in real life becomes reality in the world of virtual reality. The roller coaster cart moves along while the visitor virtually races along a track along all the highlights of the city. Visitors to both A’DAM LOOKOUT and A’DAM VR Game Park can take a ride in the Amsterdam VR Ride for €5 per person.

Watch the Amsterdam VR Ride trailer here

In addition to the virtual roller coaster, visitors to A’DAM VR Game Park can enjoy the large selection of high-end VR games including free-roaming shooters, 4D racing simulators, virtual escape rooms and much more. Stay up to date with the latest news at

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