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Aiino, cases and Apple charger perfect for Christmas gifts

Aiino, cases and Apple charger perfect for Christmas gifts

Today we present to you a series of products branded Aiino, one of the most famous manufacturers of Apple accessories in Italy.

The products we present to you are 4:

1. MacBook Pro Protective Case;
2. IPhone 5 / 5S Protective Case;
3. IPad Air Protective Case;
4. Portable External Battery.

Let’s start with the MacBook Pro Protective Case:

This is a case made of high strength hard plastic. Composed of two halves, one for the lower part of the Mac, which is the base on which it rests, and the other for the upper part, which is the part most subject to scratches and bumps.

The package is completely sealed in order to avoid bumps and scratches on the completely satin surface.
It repairs from scratches, bumps but also from dust.

Free non-slip caps are also included in the package for the lower part of the protective case.
The final result, once the case is installed, is this splendid visual effect, knowing that we are protecting our device.

IPhone 5 / 5S Protective Case:

This iPhone 5 / 5S case, although it slightly increases the weight of the iPhone, offers complete protection against bumps, scratches and dust.

It maintains the slim profile of our iPhone, but with the strength and elegance of aluminum, which make our device very visible to the eye of the beholder, tracing the shapes of the new iPhone 5S home button on the back.

IPad Air Protective Case:

A very comfortable book case for vertical and horizontal use of our iPad. Lightweight and thin with a soft internal fabric, useful for best storing the most fragile part of our iPad, and with a practical integrated pen holder.

Available in a wide range of colors, the case offers great stability in the upright positioning of the same device.

Entirely sewn, the cover has a very minimal design and beautiful to the touch.

Portable External Battery:

An external battery with an ultra-compact design, with a soft-touch finish, which allows us to recharge our devices via USB.

Equipped with two USB ports with 1A and 2, 1A outputs to simultaneously charge two devices such as iPhone or iPad, and 4 indicator lights that check the remaining charge.

The battery is also equipped with a small LED which has the function of being a small flashlight. In the package we find the battery and the cable for charging from socket or PC.

You can find these and many other products on the official Aiino.com website