During a new Nintendo Direct, Nintendo had some big news: The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D, a remake of the popular Nintendo 64 game, will be released in Spring 2015 for Nintendo 3DS. In addition, a limited edition of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D Special Edition software bundle will also be available from launch. The Nintendo Direct also revealed new details about new Wii U games, such as Splatoon, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, and treated Nintendo 3DS fans to more information about Code Name: STEAM and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

Here are some of the key announcements from the Nintendo Direct:
Wii U

– Mario Kart 8 DLC: The first DLC pack for Mario Kart 8 will be released on November 13 and will feature new tracks, vehicles and characters from other Nintendo games, such as The Legend of Zelda, F-Zero and Excitebike.

– amiibo: In addition to Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, amiibo will be supported by several games, including Mario Kart 8 and Hyrule Warriors in 2014, plus Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush, Yoshi’s Woolly World and Mario Party 10 in 2015. As the first amiibo on Released on November 28, players will be able to use this amiibo in the following games:

o Mario Kart 8: When players touch amiibo figures of Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Link, Captain Falcon, Fox, Samus, or Kirby to the Wii U GamePad, they will receive a Mii racing suit that matches the respective amiibo. Players’ Miis can wear these detailed race suits during in-game races.

o Hyrule Warriors: Link’s amiibo gives players access to the ‘Spinner’, a special weapon in this action game for Wii U. In addition, every amiibo from the Super Smash Bros. series will give you random items, weapons or rupees in the game.
The first six amiibo, featuring characters such as Mario, Link and Samus, will be available on November 28. On the same day, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U out. The second batch of six amiibo will be available in stores from December 19.

– Splatoon: This four-player shooter also features a single-player mode, where the player’s squid-like character takes on an army of octopuses with various types of ink weapons. Splatoon will be available in the second quarter of 2015, exclusively for Wii U.

– Xenoblade Chronicles X: In this new RPG from Monolith Soft, players will experience an epic adventure in a new world. With the city of New Los Angeles as their home base, players go on missions, collect items and carry out assignments for residents. Xenoblade Chronicles X has a larger world than Xenoblade Chronicles for Wii and will be released in 2015, exclusively for Wii U.

– Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush: In the latest game in the charming Kirby series, the popular pink fluff ball embarks on a journey through a world of clay. Players control Kirby by drawing rainbow-colored lines on the GamePad’s touchscreen. In a new four-player multiplayer mode, one player can choose the role of Kirby, while the others control a trio of Waddle Dees, who can collect items or carry Kirby. That way, the players can work together, and the Wii U GamePad allows the player to concentrate on drawing lines. Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush will be available for Wii U in the second half of 2015.

– Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker: A new trailer for the game was shown during the Nintendo Direct, showing fragments of the more than 70 levels that the player can explore. It was announced today that Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker will be available across Europe on January 2, 2015.

– Duck Hunt takes aim!: In a new trailer, the Duck Hunt duo were revealed as new challengers in both Super Smash Bros. for Wii U as Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. In the same trailer it was announced that Duck Hunt will be available for the Wii U Virtual Console. Soon more information!
Nintendo 3DS

– The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D: One of the most talked-about games in the history of The Legend of Zelda series comes to Nintendo 3DS. In Spring 2015, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D, Link embarks on a breathtaking, ghostly adventure in the mysterious world of Termina. The adventure is available for the first time on a handheld system with improved 3D graphics and additional features that make the gameplay a lot more enjoyable. In addition, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D Special Edition will be available at launch, a limited edition software with a specially designed SteelBook, a copy of the game in the special packaging, a Majora’s Mask pin, and a double-sided printed poster in the game’s iconic style.

Code Name: STEAM: Intelligent Systems, the developer of the Fire Emblem and Advance Wars series, releases Code Name: STEAM. This is a turn-based tactical action RPG with characters like… Abraham Lincoln? That’s right: Abraham Lincoln orders STEAM’s secret agents, equipped with steam weapons, to protect the world from aliens. More information was released today about a special ability called Overwatch, which allows characters to save steam for surprise attacks on enemies during their turn. Code Name: STEAM will be available for Nintendo 3DS in May 2015.

– Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire: A huge Pokémon adventure begins on November 28, as both games will be available in Europe on Nintendo 3DS family systems from that day on. The games are available separately and as part of hardware bundles, such as Nintendo 2DS RED TRANSPARENT + Pokémon Omega Ruby and Nintendo 2DS BLUE TRANSPARENT + Pokémon Alpha Sapphire. In addition, owners of Pokémon X or Pokémon Y will be able to get the special mythical Pokémon Diancie starting tomorrow. If players transfer Diancie to Pokémon Omega Ruby or Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, they can get a Mega Stone that allows Diancie to use Mega-Evolution during battle!

– Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: This game will be available on Nintendo 3DS family systems starting in early 2015, and in today’s short update, a fun option was shown that allows the felynes to dress up as Mario and Luigi in the game.

– Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal: In addition to Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric for Wii U, Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal for Nintendo 3DS will be available in Europe starting November 21. Since midnight (November 6) a free demo of Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal for Nintendo 3DS will be available on Nintendo eShop, giving fans a taste of this new take on Sonic the Hedgehog.

– Ultimate NES Remix: The NES Remix series is coming to Nintendo 3DS! This is a combination of the best parts of NES Remix and NES Remix 2. The new Famicom Remix mode offers additional challenges from the Japanese version of NES Remix, and in Speed ​​Mario Bros, players can play the original Super Mario Bros. play at super speed. Ultimate NES Remix also has online leaderboards, allowing players to compare their scores with other players in their region. This nostalgic game will be available in stores for Nintendo 3DS family systems from November 7th, but will be available in Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS as of midnight (November 6) on Nintendo eShop.

– Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth: Get ready for the first installment of the Persona series to hit Nintendo 3DS family systems: a first-person puzzle RPG filled with mazes to explore and monsters to fight in the typical Persona style. This popular game from Atlus will be available for Nintendo 3DS in stores and on Nintendo eShop on November 28.
Wii U and Nintendo 3DS

– Shovel Knight: Fans can dig around to their heart’s content in this 8-bit platforming adventure. The game has been out on Nintendo eShop since midnight (November 6) for both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS family systems. Fans who want to own the game on both systems and already have a copy for their Wii U or Nintendo 3DS can take advantage of an offer to purchase the game for the other system**. In addition, a new Shovel Knight theme will be released for the Nintendo 3DS HOME Menu, which will be free for users who purchase Shovel Knight for Nintendo 3DS before November 13, 2014.

– Indie Games!: Nintendo continues to support independent developers with the many games coming to both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, including SteamWorld Heist and Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse. The new Indie Winter Highlights trailer shown today also previewed exciting downloadable offerings such as Swords & Soldiers 2 and Affordable Space Adventures for Wii U, and Azure Striker Gunvolt and Gunman Clive 2 for Nintendo 3DS.

– PIKMIN Short Movies: Last month saw the premiere of PIKMIN Short Movies, a series of animated shorts directed by Shigeru Miyamoto and set in the Pikmin universe. As of midnight (November 6) you can download these movies for a fee from Nintendo eShop on both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, in HD and 3D respectively. In addition to the movies, a demo version of Pikmin 3 will be available from Nintendo eShop on Wii U from the same time. Shigeru Miyamoto will also visit the game’s Miiverse community soon.


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