Xiaomi is developing currently MIUI 12.5 and it will do the same in the near future with MIUI 13. If properly the first is already reaching certain devices of the company, the second is in one of its initial phases. Today we review the inventory of new features that have been approved to be present in Xiaomi phones that are updated to MIUI 13. All the changes you see in this inventory have been approved for future versions of MIUI and will most likely reach your home. Xiaomi.

MIUI 13: everything that could come to Xiaomi phones

The inventory is quite extensive and has approved features for almost all sections of the software. At the moment we do not know if it will be a grand update that will mark a yesteryear and a later, but we can confirm that there will be interesting news for users of Xiaomi phones.

If you have a Xiaomi mobile new, this will most likely go into the inventory of MIUI 13 update, many of these functions, changes and news will come to your terminal. Of course, just because they’re approved doesn’t mean they’ve finally reached the customization layer.

  • Internal storage will show the hidden space
  • Double click on the status bar to return to the top of the screen.
  • Dual App Backup
  • Using ‘One Hand’ mode in full screen
  • System font color customization
  • Adjust the brightness emitted by the flashlight
  • White payroll for AI calls
  • Answer or hang up voice calls
  • The status display will show the temperature of the device.
  • More features for the app drawer
  • Location to schedule events on the calendar
  • The camera will eliminate the reflection of the pince-nez
  • Ability to take photos remotely
  • AI to accept more information from contacts
  • Photo sample layout improvements
  • Multiple selection in file manager
  • Screen video will support microphone and system sounds
  • New blur in the app drawer
  • More animations for the system shooter
  • Double click on the desktop to cut the screen.
  • Desktop shortcuts for documents
  • Cyber ​​killing of SMS verification codes
  • Detection of important words in notifications to highlight their priority
  • The notification bar will allow you to adjust the mass.
  • Timer for ‘Super low energy’ mode
  • Taking selfie photos when the input code is wrong
  • Reminder to hold that upload is complete
  • Mode to activate the energy shortage and deactivate the 5G

These are all the features, changes, and additions that are currently approved for future expansion. MIUI Versions. Many of them were able to MIUI 13 and then to your Xiaomi mobile when you update. They could also reach certain MIUI 12.5 updates.


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