The franchise’s third cult movie will also be represented in the spring horror game.

After several slips, it now looks like that Evil Dead: The Game it will only finally open the Necronomicon in May this year to free the evil dead from the world. Otherwise, what would be the reason for Ash Williams to reattach her iconic chainsaw and fill her sawn-down pipe grunt?

For anyone who is a little in the picture with the evolution of the Dead Franchise, the title The Army of Darkness says something, in fact, a lot. It was actually the third film in the Evil Dead series, in which Ash flew back through the time gate to the really very dark Middle Ages. The game’s developers have now announced that we’ll get skins into the game from this movie as well, exactly two if we pre-order it.

One is Ash S-Mart store workwear and the other is Gallant Knight skin, or armor from the Middle Ages. But it’s not just two different skins, as both have other weapons in Ash’s still intact paws. The S-Mart is mocked by the legendary “boomstick,” while the Gallant Knight has a sword.

Evil Dead: The Game, which will now include not only PvP but also cooperative mode, will be released for PC, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, as well as Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One in May On the 13th.


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